1. Someone whose childhood was significantly influenced by the 1990's.

2. What has become a meaningless term for anyone who remembers their childhood, thanks to overuse by prematurely nostalgic teenagers and young adults.
1. Billy is a prime 90's kid, being born in 1987. His first memories started in 1990 and he became a teenager in 2000.
2. Person 1: "Only 90's kids will remember playgrounds, rock paper scissors, Samurai Jack and hide and seek."
Person 2: "Dude, playgrounds, rock paper scissors and hide and seek still exist. And Samurai Jack isn't even from the 90's."
by udusers1 December 12, 2017
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a kid born during the early 90's ar late 80's (actually lived through more than 2yrs of this awesome decade0
born in 1990=90's kid
by *thumbs up* March 31, 2008
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people born in the early 90's who like to talk shit about younger generations not knowing shit that happened while they were babies. they tend to aim for hipster life styles and consult their tumblr as often as possible. often make posts on Facebook that relate to their childhoods and how the younger generation shouldn't go to parties and the younger generation is stupid or sad and that they want to die because that post apparently gave them cancer and all that jazz. in all honesty they show them selves to be jealous of the younger generation because they mainly talk shit about how they didn't do what the younger generation do now.
like this if your a 90's kid

only 90's kid's remember this

you were born in 1998, your not a 90's kid

you would know what the 2k scare was if you were a 90's kid
by All this 4skin June 2, 2014
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A 90's kid is someone who was a kid in the 90's. To determine what a 90's kid is, we have to define "90's" and "kid".

90's - Personally, I consider the 90's period to have been about late 1991 to 2001; if I had to put dates on it, it's July 1, 1991 (the midpoint of 1991) to September 10, 2001 (due to the tragic and massively changing events of the next day), however years as early as 1989 and as late as 2003 can be considered to have 90's influence.

Kid - Not a toddler or a teen; personally, I'd consider a kid age 4 - 12, inclusive, however the "kid" period could start as early as 2 or as late as 14 for some people.

What I would consider a 90's kid would be someone who spent a majority of their kid years in the 90's; ergo, born January 1, 1983 - March 10, 1993. The "perfectly 90's" kid, who spent the entirety of their kid years in the 90's would be born July 1, 1987 - September 11, 1988. However, due to personal experience, someone born outside this range could still be a 90's kid, and someone born inside this range could be an 80's or 00's kid. So if you're born in, say, 1981 or 1994 (or any time between the late 1970s and late 1990s) and consider yourself a 90's kid, have at it. There's also hybrids of two decades and all kinds of other stuff, it's not a hard line.
Person A was born July 17, 1988, obviously a 90's kid.
Person B was born June 4, 1983, they're a 90's kid.
Person C was born December 25, 1992, they're a 90's kid.

Person D was born January 26, 1984, but they consider themselves an 80's kid, they're an 80's kid.
Person E was born August 31, 1992, but they consider themselves a 00's kid, they're an 00's kid.
Person F was born May 2, 1981, but they consider themselves a 90's kid, they're a 90's kid.
Person G was born February 19, 1995, but they consider themselves a 90's kid, they're a 90's kid.
Person H was born December 6, 1973, they're too old to be remotely a 90's kid.
Person I was born March 19, 2002, they're too young to be remotely a 90's kid.
by hoyclan June 2, 2019
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Someone born in 90's who can make anyone born in 2000's or 2010's to cry on Urban dictionary and give thier b*tthurt version of the definition of " born in 90's "
Mike: Yo, I was born in 90's and witnessed the change in technology... fb and sh*t was created in our time ...you know..from Nokia to Apple ... Y'all are just using til tok all day...

Goo: you are a 90's kid huh....all about transition...20th to 21st...
by SlayerOfPisslam January 2, 2020
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Someone who was born in the 90's. Many (not all) 90's kids today oftentimes view their generation as the best and above all the others. A vast majority of people will have most likely heard the term "back in my day" from more 90's kids than they will have from a boomer. Many will especially take claim to being the only generation to experience things that 80's kids experienced beforehand or 2000s kids experienced afterwards.
Person 1: "XD Dude, you don't know the names to all the gen 1 pokemon? XD wait why am I suprised? That was such a 90's thing. You wouldn't understand. You're not a 90's kid.

Person 2: "-.- what? No, I don't know all the gen 1 pokemon names because I don't care about pokemon. Plus pokemon is still popular today so there are plenty of kids who aren't from the 90s that have memorized the pokedex from front to back."

Person 1: "xD suuure nice excuse."

Person 2: "-.-"
by BuyGold October 30, 2020
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is the term for a grown man who was born in the late 80's or early-mid 90's who thinks that anything new for kids' programming is not high in quality because they didn't grow up with it or because since they're adults then they have higher standards.
90's Kid: Wow! Adventure Time and T.U.F.F. Puppy suck!
Kid: Why?
90's Kid: Because...because...Because they weren't made in the 90's. That's why!
Kid: You're an idiot.
by poper May 26, 2014
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