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1. Someone whose childhood was significantly influenced by the 1990's.

2. What has become a meaningless term for anyone who remembers their childhood, thanks to overuse by prematurely nostalgic teenagers and young adults.
1. Billy is a prime 90's kid, being born in 1987. His first memories started in 1990 and he became a teenager in 2000.
2. Person 1: "Only 90's kids will remember playgrounds, rock paper scissors, Samurai Jack and hide and seek."
Person 2: "Dude, playgrounds, rock paper scissors and hide and seek still exist. And Samurai Jack isn't even from the 90's."
by udusers1 December 12, 2017
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1. Predominately a term to describe someone who spent a majority of their pre-adolescent childhood in the 1990's. The sweet spot for this definition is people born between the mid-to-late 80's and early 90's. It is often used as a warm, comforting label. This use of the term is also often exploited as a buzz word in clickbait articles, which are written to appeal to the nostalgia of the reader.

2. The term has also more recently been co-opted by slightly younger individuals, and can more broadly be applied to anyone born in the 1990's. (Though people who follow the first definition often disagree with this use of the term.)
1. Greg was born in 1988, and considered himself a real 90's kid. He still has his original Terminator 2 action figures, and used to eat Dunkaroos while watching new episodes of "Batman: The Animated Series" when he was a kid.

2. Steve considered himself a 90's kid because he was born in 1997. Greg did not agree with this, and thought Steve should be considered a "2000's kid," as that's when Steve spent the majority of his childhood.
by TaxiFred January 15, 2020
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A label that a group of snotty people in their mid twenties to early thirties give themselves because in 2016, Buzzfeed did an onslaught of "oNlY nInEtEeZ kIdZ wIlL rEmEmBuUrR tHiIiIsSsS" listicles, following a trend of them, bragging about "how our generation was so much better" and when trends like "the floor is lava" and fidget spinners came along, an outbreak spread of these jerk-offs bashing "the youths" like they were crochety old people, yelling at them to get off their lawn. Now, in 2018-2019, people have finally picked up on how this behaviour is dumb as hell.
90's kid: Hey James, when were you born?
James: 1997

90's kid: Lol, you're generation sucks, you're not like us 90's kids.
James: Suck a fat one, you Bart Simpson wannabe

90's kid: Hey kid, why do you have a fidget spinner? Lol
Billy: I have ADHD, this helps me to calm down
90's kid: Stupid millennial.
Billy: Your mother never loved you.

90's kid: Hey James, I saw Billy with a fidget spinner, what a loser
James: It helps kids with ADHD and autism calm down, you ignorant prick
90's kid: Lmao James, you're one stupid ass millennial
James: Millennials is basically the same as 90's kids, you cuck

Joe: OMG I love Spongebob Squarepants
90's kid: LOL Joe, I was born in 1989, I grew up with Spongebob
Joe: So?
90's kid: You were born in 2000s, you're too young for Spongebob, STFU
Joe: Kids born in the 2010s are growing up with Spongebob, idiot
90's kid: Yeah but Spongebob started in 1999, it's a real 90's kids show
Joe: That's like calling you an 80's kid because you were born in 1989
90's kid: Yeah..but--
Joe: Shut up arsehole, you're more stuck in the 90's than Sonic the Hedgehog
90's kid: Somebody's JEALOUS they weren't BORN IN THE 90'S
James: You know what? Shut the hell up. You think you're SO COOL, being a pretentious bastard about your "prime era kids shows" when there's plenty of new cartoons coming out that are maybe even better than the 90's stuff. You just refuse to watch it and say you hate it because it wasn't made in your glorious decade. Screw you.
by Squidris Elba August 21, 2019
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The 90s kids are probably one of the most annoying people on the internet. They constantly do nothing but talk down to other generations and talk about how the how great the 90s were. They tend react aggressively towards anybody claiming to have watched shows such as Rugrats, Rockos Modern life, or Johnny Bravo. However what they don't realise is that all these cartoons as well as things like Vhs tapes carried on into the 2000s therefore children born in 1997,1998, or 1999 were most likely exposed to these things.
Oliver: Dude I haven't seen Rockos Modern Life since I was 4

Mike: Shut up you're not one of then 90s kids So you never watched that show

Oliver: Dumbass it carried over into the 2000s
by SuperMothman December 11, 2012
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A self-administered term which implies that the person thinks the their age group is superior to children of the other decades. Also implies that children of the following decades were not exposed to things such as 90s cartoons and video casettes.
"I just watch an old Disney movie... I'm such a 90s kid."

"You shouldn't have a phone at your age. You should have grown up in the nineties. 90s kids were raised better."
by Kislev January 03, 2012
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People who were born in the 1990s or the very late 1980s who were as a child exposed to 1990s children's culture. Many children of the 90s feel that they lived good childhoods and like to share their memories with each other of things like the Spice Girls and similar 1990s stuff. One unfortunate side-effect of a few 1990s children is that they believe they have the ability to define who is and isn't a 1990s child by basically making up their own rules as they go along, for example people born as early as 1985 or as late as 2006 trying to join in, or people born in 1994 saying that the cut off point for a 90s kid is the day after they were born even though they seem to forget that people born in the late 90s grew up over the turn of the century and immediately New Years Day 2000 things were barely different to the 1990s and that you could have believed it was the 1990s up to about 2003. This is unfortunate but if you can remember any of the 1990s and none of the 1980s then you're most probably a 1990s kid, unless you are engulfed in 2000s kid-isms like Ben 10 and similar stuff.
"Are you a 1990s kid?"
"When were you born?"
"You're not a proper 90s kid like me"
"When were you born?"
"I rest my case, your honour"
by Why are all the pseudonyms December 07, 2014
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