being completely exhausted
God damn, I'm hella zonked from that party last night
by ayypasstheblunt May 1, 2016
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(Adjective) Usually caused by drug use, it’s when you’re not sleepwalking but not fully awake either. You’re awake, but you’re acting as if you had no agency and things only happen to you. But also you’re not like a zombie.
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover March 23, 2019
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adj. Very stoned, spaced-out, wasted, ripped, destroyed, wrecked, intoxicated all to Hell and gone.
Shit man...I'm really zonked. fuck
by callinghome November 2, 2004
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When any normally respectable person is intoxicated by drink or drugs to the point where it affects ones appearance so that they look like a typical street urchin.
Dude, should have seen Joshua when we picked him up, he was so zonked, he was denied entry into tescos.
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1. Ridiculously tired.

2. Ridiculously stoned.
1. "I was zonked after I came home from work last night."

2. "Jim was fired because he came to work zonked. What a retard."
by KJ1o1 April 5, 2011
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To do so much LSD (Acid) consecutively that you reach a point were you are a shell of your former self, completely devoid of personality and life, you have no reaction to any kind of stimulus. You are dead, but alive... You are Zonked.
Man I'm afraid this next time I trip I'm just gonna be like "Zonk" and then gone.. no more, just a shell.. completely zonked out of reality
by QP0N August 16, 2010
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