A dickhead, who will die of autism when he is 20
by Ooftydoofty February 20, 2019
Tennis Player...Player...Pimp...ew.
Dont be a Zeke, just be a plain 'ol pimp.
by Nudie April 29, 2004
Curly black hair with green eyes loves dh sports and has tje biggest cock you will ever see
Have you seen Zeke he looks nice today
by Spoon bandut November 26, 2018
A stupid, wimpy, perverted, ugly, human being.
Wow! He's such a Zeke! Ewwwwww!
by bvz,jvhbjvzkjv October 5, 2018
To be fucked by a cock that either exceeds or is equal to a flacid length of 13 inches. Famously named after Zeke Baylor, a secondary character in the High School Musical film franchise, who's original character concept was said to have an enormous cock. This was especially prevalent during the "Can I Have This Dance" number in High School Musical 3, where one scene showed Zeke jizzing into the sky. This scene was later deleted and the fluid cascading from above was passed off as rain on Troy and Gabriella.
"Quit Zekeing me" or "Get Zeked bitch"
by Anti-Chad-ed December 19, 2018