Zeke’s a goat the can pull your bitch any day
Zeke gets hoes
by I got waves June 20, 2019
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They are amazing and caring. But if you date one be careful they will leave fast.they will get your hopes up and then let you down so fast it will be like a shot. Zeke’s are THE MOST HOTTEST PERSON EVER.
Me:hey my boyfriend just broke up with me and it was through text...he looks so happy now that I’m gone..
Person:isn’t his name zeke?its okay maybe someone will treat you even better.
by *-huegirl-* October 30, 2019
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“Hey did you hear that only one person didn’t pass the quiz?” “Yeah, I heard it was Zeke.”
by Dootaishdbba June 22, 2020
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1) A person with an extremely low IQ and has a noticeably large forehead with a receding hair line. Some say, the forehead's length is infinite.

2) Zeke can also be referring to someone's huge forehead.
fsdgsdgsd Zeke
by Carotu September 7, 2016
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This is Zeke’s country. His favorite pick up line is poking a girls chest and saying boop when he hits their noses.
Man this IS Zeke’s country
by Suckmyass13 July 8, 2019
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This boy is the sweetest and cutest boy ever! He has a big ass personality! If you date him he will be obsessed with your ass...
But if he does got obsessed with your ass you still have to love him bececause he is the only person you could ever love. He will be your baby!
Also he has a "big dick"!!?
Bailey: "Hey is that Zeke?"
Jaden: " Yea and did you know he has the biggest dick!"
Bailey: "Really and he also is obsessed with his girlfriends ass!"
by @taken.by.zeke October 26, 2019
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Zeke is often retarded af and he eats to much Rice Krispie treats
Zeke is fat
by Alex hogge April 23, 2019
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