To be successful, to achieve. To become a winner.
Mr Parker is Johnnie's teacher.He's speaking with Johnnie's dad.

Mr Parker: Did you know your son got straight A's in all his tests?
Dad: Yeah, this kid will go places.
by izmir April 22, 2008
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go places: To do something awkward,strange,bizarre.
go places: He went places while he was trying to get laid.
by RedStar9600 February 6, 2016
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1: A word used to describe somebody who is going insane
2: To be going from one place to another
3: Used to describe a young person who will probably become rich and famous later in life
4: To be using drugs, generally something you smoke
1: See that guy with the lollipop collection? He's going places
2: Sorry man but I can't come to the party later, I'm going places
3: That kid's wearing that tuxedo fine! I can tell he's going places
4: See that bitch with the weed? She's going places.
by Amazing Bro May 20, 2015
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to go somewhere, to go to a place.
Curtis: We're going to go place.
Me: What?
Curtis: You know, go place.
Me: Right. Fuck the po-lice.
by Patrick Charles January 10, 2006
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Meaning to go to the person’s place to have some sort of sexual relations
A: that was a nice date thanks !
B: glad you like it, sooo how bout we go ahead and let’s go to your place
A: oh like in 😉
B: yeah bb
by Cross eyed onion June 18, 2020
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