An text based emoticon that is almost the same as :/ but with a little more disgruntled flavor.
Boy: My grandpa died last week
Girl: Aw :z
by GrungeElf June 4, 2007
Yeah, I got a whole Z of chronic, let's take a bake break.
by David Filth March 3, 2005
To sleep. I'm not sure of how many ways to use it though.
If you were sleeping you wouldn't be "z'ing."
The only way I know how, or have heard anyone use it is in the example.
Slang: I'm going to cop me some z's
Translation: I'm going to get some sleep
by JGuzmannn November 25, 2006
To engage in the activity of sleeping. This usually occurs after long periods of strenuous activity and/or sex. However this usually refers to a more deep sleep than that of a light sleeper.
Nigga I be hustlin all day. Fo realz, man I can't wait to hit muh shawty up, do tha dirty dirty and then get muh Z's on.... fo real.
by D-shiz January 31, 2009
A letter that was pretty awesome long ago, until that bastard X stole our pronunciation.
Should be: Zylophone, Zenophobia, Ezited

"Z is a pretty useless letter, but we love it anyways..."
by theshinykitty March 31, 2005
1. The AIM smiley expression of a guy after jacking off. When one's tired/exhausted.
2. An AIM smiley expression that can replace '=X'.
3. An AIM smiley expression just shows expression.
4. Removes emphasis in a sentence.
1. I'm tired from having sex ;z
2. She's such a stupid bitch ;z
3. Did you really? ;z
4. I went shopping ;z
by Jordye April 14, 2007