Z** Laverne is a slur,because she did a lot of many bad things. Example: made out with a 13 year old and much more....
Do you hate Z**?
No,i'm a zonut,i love Zoe. 😑.
Then you're cancelled for using the z slur.
by Zoe is trash November 3, 2020
Z is a letter that got removed from the alphabet on Monday 1st June 2020. Any word that starts with Z will be removed with X.
Aunty (me): I remember when I first saw a Zebra
Niece/Nephews: Aunty it's pronounced Xebra! What is 'Z'??
by I_am_not_here... June 15, 2020
Pronounced 'Zee'


1) No

Describes a negative response to a question.

A statement of disapproval.
Q: Do you want to go to the movies tonight?

A: 'Z'
by Brian Taban & David Yaddi December 17, 2007
When typing "xoxox", or hugs and kisses, a "z" may be inserted to denote some other form of affection. The "z" action is up to your imagination to fulfill!
Girl: Night baby xoxoxoz!!

Boy thinks: Oh hot damn! She wants to xo AND z me!!
by misterrslim November 7, 2008
last letter of the alphabet
comes after "y"
comes before "now i know my abcs"
Bob: whats the last letter of the alphabet?
Joe: z
by mr. potato January 2, 2013
An art of being cool without trying.
That guy is so Type z-z-z
by Yo it r steve September 26, 2008
The Art of making friends with females on The game, Runescape, then taking their personal details and setting up a tent in their front garden

Rumored to be a player, half man, half guinea pig
Girl: Some guy just asked for my phone number in world 82 edgeville :S
Guy: My god, that guys such a Type z-z-z ffs
by Peter Tybalt Zezima July 11, 2008