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Present on Wikipedia, preferably with a whole article devoted to the subject.


Easy to research using Wikipedia alone.

A My Dad's a successful musician, you know.

B He's not Wikipediable yet though, is he?


This essay question is so Wikipediable you don't have to read the book.
by Orlandooo April 14, 2010
French abbreviation for "à plus tard", meaning "later", in the sense of "see you later".
Oh I've gotta go, A++!
by Orlandooo June 11, 2008
The inverted form of A++ (which is a French way of saying "see you later"). As a result, Z-- means "hello".
A Hey!
B Z--! You alright?
A Yes. Yes I am.
B Good. I have to go. A++!
A A++
by Orlandooo June 12, 2008
Can be used to replace almost any swearword in almost any context. Can also describe anything that is bad or rubbish.

Note: this CAN be found in standard dictionaries.
1. Look at that snake with two heads... what the bilge?

2. What are you on about? You're talking bilge.

3. Oh bilge, I wrote some complete bilge in that exam.

4. What are you bilging doing!? You're such a bilgemonger.
by Orlandooo June 11, 2008
"I don't know", in a slurred voice, either due to laziness, disinterest or intoxication.
A: What time shall we meet?
B: Auo.
A: What does auo mean?
B: I don't know.
A: Then why did you say it?
B: Auo.

In person:
A: Watsup?
B: Auo :|
by Orlandooo June 10, 2008
To lol out loud - to say lol out loud rather than actually laugh out loud.
A: Hahah thats so funny, I just lolled!
B: Haha, I just LOL(OL)ed.
by Orlandooo July 11, 2008