A Buffalo NY based abbreviation of the phrase "you guys".

The phrase is generally accepted to have started as a rebellion against the term yinz, as it didn't make logical sense to the Pittsburgh neighbors.
What are yuys doing tonight?

Yuys hear that they cut Moorman?
by Definitely not Gooch October 15, 2012
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A bald fuck

A yui is a modern day Medusa-but with penises on the head instead of snakes- only much more iniquitous.
Me : man that Alysson is such a bf material.
SOOya sauce : wut ?!

Me : a bald fuck material. A true Yui.
by no more drip memes May 25, 2021
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Well what can I say, the word Yui means so much, to me its beauty , happiness , laughter , sorrow but most of all love.

I was lucky to meet the lady of my dreams when i was out and about travelling the world.

So the word Yui brings a smile to my face and an extra beat to my heart.

Love you my fun , beautiful wife, Yui..... :-)

Circles & more Circles
Yui, Pearl and here twin sisters 555, if its anymore than a handful its a waste
by Yui's Man February 07, 2010
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Yui is a Japanese name that was most popular in September 2009. In Japan, there are many different ways to right it because of different kanjis. So that changes up the definitions a lot. For example, in Japanese, you can right yui in a kanji called yu and a kanji which means to be born. When the words combine the simplest definition is "god will protect you since you were born". The definition I just said was to this kanji 祐生 which is Yui in English. Hope this helps :-) (just a reminder that I gave one example on how to right Yui as a kanji. There are many more ways!! ) :-)
祐生/Yui was a popular name in September 2009 in japan
by pineapplepeach2000 January 10, 2021
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19-year-old female singer who is now very famous in Japan. she has a very beautiful voice. Also she is a very pro acoustic guitarist. She is very cute!
"Yui is the cutest girl on earth!"
"How can you not know who Yui is?"
by Shawnee16 November 18, 2006
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Normal, cute girl
Someone really random and loves to laugh.
there goes YuYing!~I'm happy?
by Fannix3 April 24, 2009
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An amazing and beautiful girl who is normally misunderstood but when you get to know her is the best girlfriend a guy could ever want, amazing personality and very caring, loves to snuggle and spend time with the one she loves.

If you find a Yui never let her go
Guy1: I just met the most amazing girl today

Guy2: it was Yui wasn't it?

Guy1: how did you know?
by Trojan Horse of love May 02, 2016
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