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A guy with potential who is interested in a girl from Mexico who works at e-sports
Yuriy adores that chick who works at e-sports.
by iknowthedefinitionofsoulmate August 04, 2018
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Yuriy \ you-rie \ noun 1: A wonderful and amazing tall Russian male who is so handsome and so sexy, that your heart will melt. 2: A caucasian male with ginger hair who works hard and never gives up. 3: A strong and resilient man who treats his woman like a queen, and takes care of his family. 4: An intelligent, funny, charming, and incredible person who emanates purity and masculinity simultaneously. Your life will become complete the more you get to know him; also: can be substituted with Yura
The minute I laid eyes on that ginger Yuriy, I knew he was the one.
by Roronto December 06, 2018
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a hot pimp that gives me an orgasm every time i see his hot abs!! OHHH!
Yuriy has beautiful green eyes and is my boy friend forever
by Rosa May 13, 2003
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Yuriy is a sneaky fucking russian. Who owns you.
Damn, that Yuriy is sure 1337
by Yuriy December 07, 2004
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