SHe is my my monkey baby she is my whole life well when she isnt being bad!?!
by michele September 21, 2003
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a crazy cool girl whos azn.
People usually have an alter with a clay sculpture of her head on it which they worship secretly in the back of their closets.
Yumi's so cool she made her ramen cold!
by naruto uzumaki September 02, 2006
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an amazing girl who has a great sence of humor, she is really fit and everbody wants to fuck her shes the girl everyboy wants, she is the most amazing girl ever
Guy1: Who is that girl she looks amazing?
Guy2: Thats yumi Goodbun she's the hottest girl in the school
Guy1: fuck yeah i really want to fuck her
by montypythonrules December 15, 2010
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probably a kpop stan who appreciates underrated groups. pretty but insecure. she's an unbothered queen so everyone loves her
person 1: "omg is that yumi?"
person 2: "yeah she's a queen i wanna be just like her"
by March 27, 2021
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fr a cutie who don know how to not, not be cute. FACT
by CELLAS SLICK SACK September 17, 2020
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Sexciest person alive?? Stan her rn?? Also jungwon notice her cutie tyvm
Stan yumi / .
Yumi deadass simps for jungwon as a living
Rip samuel x yumi
by @chx_nhee December 23, 2020
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Yumi is a dream entity that visits people's dreams every month or week, she is the only dream entity to be not hostile towards BF so far, and is very much liked by GF for what she can do.
"Yumi The Dreame is someone who makes your dreams come true, inside of your dreams!"

"That's weird, I wanna experience that!"
by Ihavetanks2 June 10, 2021
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