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proem, otherwise known as Richard Bailey, is an American electronic/IDM musician, active since 1999. He is known as one of the the major contemporary intelligent dance musicians on the scene today.

He made his debut with his full-length "Burn Plate No.1" on Hydrant Records, and followed in 2001 with "Negativ" on M3rck Records. He continued with his 2002 release "Among Others" on n5MD, the label of port-royal, and released "Socially Inept" in 2004, the album many consider to be "genre-defining" of IDM. He released a two-disc album "You Shall Have Ever Been" in 2006, and "A Permanent Solution" in 2007. In 2009, he dropped a dark ambient album, "Till There's No Breath", deviating from IDM for a time.

Proem is known mostly for his crunchy and glitchy beats and complex melodies that are often considered melancholy. He has also worked with and done remixed for the likes of Brothomstates, Machinedrum, and others. He is also an artist and designer.
proem is one of the best IDM musicians out there in my opinion.
by skyclaw441 October 25, 2009
A unique Korean surname found in less than 1% of the South Korean population.
Dude, did you see Ms. Bae do two backflips just a second ago?
by skyclaw441 September 23, 2007
The "vice president" of the United States who is calling the shots behind George Bush's back. He is other wise known as the forerunner of the Anit-Christ. The most diabolical scum to walk the face of the Earth. He outsources our jobs to China, India, Mexico, and illegal immigrants so the legal population of the United States will have no jobs and will have no jobs and crash into poverty. Say it with me! "DOWN WITH DICK CHENEY, DOWN WITH THE DEVIL"
by skyclaw441 December 30, 2006
1. The word for Japanese bow arachery
2. A popular Japanese female name
Name- Yumi Yoshimura, a singer
by skyclaw441 December 22, 2006
A purple or violet gemstone. Is a colored variety of quartz, caused by iron and aluminum content within the stone. It is the birthstone of February.
One of my favorite gemstones has always been the amethyst, but I think that it's pretty stupid that they make you pay so damn much for some colored quartz, which if clear would have been useless as a precious gem.
by skyclaw441 July 29, 2008
A female Japanese pop duo that debuted in February 1987 with their single "Give Me Up". Composed of Tomoko Kondo and Yukari Nikaido, they were one of the most popular Japanese music acts unitl Wink debuted in 1988. They disbanded in the late 1980s.
One of BaBe's biggest hits was "I Don't Know".
by skyclaw441 December 22, 2006
Legendary Korean singer. He holds a national record in South Korea and a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for the highest selling album in South Korea, with his third album, Kim Gun Mo 3. It sold 3.3 million copies in its release year, the equivalent of 100 million copies here in the United States.

He's been active for 16 years, and has released 12 albums. His most famous songs are "Ping Ge" (Excuses), and "Jal Mot Doen Man Nam" (Wrongful Meeting), among others. Though his pinnacle of popularity was 1994-1996, he is still extremely popular in Korea.

He is known for his unique, high voice and his extraordinary range. He also a renowned pianist.

The sad thing about it is, he can't even find a wife. Ironic much?
Kim Gun Mo is a very talented singer.
by skyclaw441 August 31, 2008