Just another retarded cartoon that is exposed to kids...then parents complain about whats wrong with there kids...the show itself is EXTREMELY lame.
Did you see that episode of puffy ami yumi?
They give anyone shows nowadays, huh?
by rdi2music December 7, 2005
when a girl sucks the nut out of you like a vacuum and then gargles it
Last night a girl did a dirty yumi with me and it was awesome!
by pencilcase14 May 4, 2022
They are the greatest, most important people in the world and subscribers to Osayuwamen’s YouTube channel
by Asoyuwa January 5, 2023
best name for the best girl.

i'm saying this as someone who definitely is not named yumi, by the way.
person 1: "OMG! that's yumi!"
person 2: "my wifey..."
person 3: "in your dreams man, yumi's all mine."
by yumi :D December 31, 2022
Some Weirdo Who Lives In A House With 3 Other Idiots Who Play Rainbow 6 Siege Together For Money
Who's Yumi?
Go Watch His YouTube Channel You Ass-Hat
by Xx_EmDub_xX October 15, 2019
yumi is corn in chinese
i ate yumi!
by January 7, 2022
It's a Japanese Name and means as much as "bow archer", "bow", "beautiful" and "beautiful evening". If you're a Yumi you go girl. As a Yumi you are super cute and sexy at the same time.
Look at my outfit, isn't it super Yumi-like?

I have a new hairstyle. It's super Yumi, isn't it?
by Anime666 April 18, 2017