Hot australian with a great voice
Yukio rocks my sox
by Evil July 13, 2003
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Isaiah's bravest warrior, a man that can handle things, even tho it's hard for him. A man who can protect his love ones. He still believes that his question will have an answer when Sai returns. Ne never give up, pero isang araw napagod siya. The sea has taken him. Kinuha na siya sa'tin, kinuha na siya ng dagat kasabay ng agos nito.
"Please promise me that you'll always be happy, baby I'm so sorry, I can no longer be your bravest warrior."

“That was my biggest mistake. Kasi habang nilalamon ako ng dagat habang binibigay ko sa dagat yung buhay at hininga ko ikaw yung iniisip ko.” -Yukio
by Ajsba March 7, 2022
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Yukio Is a fucking hot Asian Eroupeian guy, has brown eyes, black hair, has a amazing ass voice.
(He always denies that he’s got tho)
Mari: wow look at Yukio! Has mad hot!!
Yukio: No I’m not omfg.
by Oop- June 12, 2018
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You know Yukio?”

“Yeah he a chad bro
by canadianchad November 21, 2021
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Son of Satan from blue exorcist.
Yukio slander pls.
The only thing i love about him and adore from the deepest parts of my heart is- his older brother. Rin Okumira ;)
Leave Yukio Okumura supermancy, turn to Rin Okumura supermancy 🛐
by Arikaa36 August 18, 2021
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the former prime minister of Japan under emperor akihito. his party broke the liberal democratic parties long held power over Japan. in 2010, he resigned after scandel and was replaced by his co-democrat naoto kan.
like most japanese prime ministers, yukio hatoyama lasted less than a year
by sejong12297 July 11, 2010
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