Someone who uses the site youtube.com to post video blogs, videos, and such.
Go to youtube.com/paperlilies

John is a youtuber, always posting funny videos on youtube.
by LadySango November 21, 2006
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Someone who makes videos for YouTube as a career.
I love watching her videos online, she's my favorite YouTuber.
by Liz tj February 27, 2015
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A person on YouTube with their own account that makes videos and/or watches videos on YouTube .
A YouTuber commented on one of my videos ...
by BloomingApples May 07, 2013
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Some one who Vlogs (video blog) and post it to youtube. They are usually of people who walk around with a camera. Very entertaining.
YouTuber s are people like:

Gaby TheDinosaur
Shane Dawson

Tyler Oakley

And so on.
by onetimelow December 31, 2013
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A person that uses a site called YouTube and is either famous or just started a career
by Urban Gamer Boy April 06, 2016
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A person who makes videos on YouTube . At 25,000 subscribers, most YouTubers will receive an email requesting a YouTube Partnership (ads will be placed at the beginning of your videos and for every ad seen or clicked, you will earn money). You will also receive play button plaques in the mail according to when you hit a certain number of subscribers.

25,000: Copper Plaque
(Guesstimation) 50,000, 100,000, or 500,000: Silver Plaque
1,000,000: Gold Plaque
10,000,000: Diamond Plaque
Connor Franta is a YouTuber with over 5,000,000 viewers/subscribers.
by fabllama.og September 07, 2015
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