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A piece of shit censoring, filtering, hungry, piece of shit government.

China = need a violent revolution. CHina = the most conformist math-worshipping country in the world. Math = conformity = less threat to the conformist government that art.

This is why math is encouraged. I gurantee if Chinese schools had Philosiphy class, China would have its ass kicked. But no, we have a conformity class disguised as math.

Chinese government official = need his ass kicked. I would would feel no remorse messing up and killin one of these guys.

Chinese person = stop being a fucking ignorant conformist idiot. You need to stop accepting and start rebelling you conformist idiot piee of shit.

And this is from a Chinese person.
Chinese Government = piece of shit.
by Leon Li October 06, 2007
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A government of a communist country. Used to be OK in the dynasties (with the exception of Qing) but since Mao's communism and cultural revolution, it got a nail in its ass.
Now it is a pile of arrogance and dictators with officals who don't have independent thought. These officals don't know to accept criticism and opinions and have no life, all boils down to one word: COMMUNISM!
p.s. this is coming from a Chinese
Thanks Mao the modern-day Chinese Government is hated even by its own people is because of YOU! BECAUSE OF YOUR SEWER-ISH COMMUNISM!!!!
by A dying goat December 08, 2017
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