A piece of shit censoring, filtering, hungry, piece of shit government.

China = need a violent revolution. CHina = the most conformist math-worshipping country in the world. Math = conformity = less threat to the conformist government that art.

This is why math is encouraged. I gurantee if Chinese schools had Philosiphy class, China would have its ass kicked. But no, we have a conformity class disguised as math.

Chinese government official = need his ass kicked. I would would feel no remorse messing up and killin one of these guys.

Chinese person = stop being a fucking ignorant conformist idiot. You need to stop accepting and start rebelling you conformist idiot piee of shit.

And this is from a Chinese person.
Chinese Government = piece of shit.
by Leon Li October 7, 2007
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BULLSHIT it's the same thing

I don't know what did those fuckers done to the mainland china, but I know what it done to Taiwan.

Taiwan is not in WHO cause this shit gives a lot of money to WHO and claim Taiwan to agreed that Taiwan is a part of China.

There is a bunch of bad thing they done, but I'm just too mad and my English sucks so I can't type them all out.
btw, I'm from Taiwan! I'm Taiwanese!
me : what do you think about your government in China?
my Chinese classmate : Chinese Government is BULLSHIT, I can't say anything bad when I was in China, I finally could here (Australia})
me : *shocked* *happy* OH, I agreed you.
by 17 is me life is bullshit June 11, 2020
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something that you will never get to say but its ok that im saying it because im warning you.
Person one: I disagree with the Chinese Government
Person two: *watches person one fall on the floor now covered in blood
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Has lots of unnecessary censorship and some strict laws that result in severe consequences.
I'm against the Chinese government
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