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by supercutekid November 19, 2011
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A YouTube Video Mash-up is the combination of multiple sources of videos which usually have no relation with each other, other than a derivative work, often lampooning its component sources or another text. Many mash-up videos are humorous movie trailer parodies, a later genre of mash-ups gaining much popularity. To the extent that mash-ups are 'transformative' of original content, they may find protection from copyright claims under the "fair use" doctrine of U.S. copyright law.
The following (below) are just a few actual examples of YouTube Video Mash-ups that can be found on YouTube:

1. World's Finest Trailer - Batman vs Superman (Michael Keaton vs Christopher Reeve)
by silverlightsaber

2. Iron Man vs. Transformers Theatrical Trailer
by 2SunsNoWomen

3. Batman vs Iron Man trailer (Christian Bale vs Robert Downey Jr.)
by silverlightsaber

4. The Ultimate TV and movie car race. extended version
by gadget127

5. Psycho Street Hawk vs KITT
by gadget127

6. Batman vs Blade Trailer (Christian Bale vs Wesley Snipes)
by silverlightsaber
by The Centurion January 26, 2013
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That ad you now see under every definition. Let's face it. 100,000 impressions for $100? Nobody will obviously watch it.
Wow, Urban Dictionary is now doing YouTube promotions. All you do now is click Promote your YouTube video here, choose a video, link your YouTube account, and bam.
by The Real Driller March 10, 2023
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The YouTube Versus Video is an online video-debate on YouTube whereby the host of the video will discuss a hypothetical fight involving some of the better known fictional protagonists from the media of films, television, graphic novels, and video games to decide the likely winner. The host of the video will aim to present the argument for both opposing protagonists in a fair and impartial manner; this process is achieved by highlighting all the relevant strengths and weaknesses (if any) of the opposing protagonists, as well as all relevant background and historical information relevant to the debate; after all the facts have been addressed, the host will then draw a conclusion as to who -- in their opinion -- would win the hypothetical fight based on all the relevant evidence. The YouTube Versus Video is not a one-way process, and the host will usually invite the (unbiased) opinions of viewers in the comments section of YouTube to discuss the fight. Note: the key difference between this type of video and others on YouTube, is this: other videos, often non-contentious, can BECOME a flame war when some viewers disagree with something or someone they've seen;the YouTube Versus Video is specifically for the purpose of sensible and unbiased comments about the fight being discussed. Furthermore, this video is not The Flame War Forum (, a forum that is entirely based around flame wars.
The following (below) are just a few examples -- with the actual comments of the hosts included -- of YouTube Versus Videos that can be found on YouTube:

1.Versus Series: Darth Malgus Vs. Sora Bulq
by Jensaarai1 aka The Nerd-Rage Ranter
My first Versus Video of my second year on YouTube; an ancient Sith Warrior and a more contemporary fallen Jedi, both great swordsman and powerful Forcewielders and Darksiders.

2.WHO WOULD WIN: Darth Vader or Darth Bane?
by yarealpoof aka Matt's Corner
Be fair and unbiased. This is not a "favorite" contest this is about skill.

3.Versus Series: Dooku Vs Darth Malgus
by Jensaarai1 aka The Nerd-Rage Ranter
My return to my Versus series.

4.Who Would Win - Versus Series!
by Trevschan2
Goku vs. Superman - Who Would Win?
Superman vs. The Hulk - Who Would Really Win?
Batman vs. Wolverine - Who Would Really Win?
Captain America vs. Iron Man - Who Would Win?
by The Centurion December 1, 2012
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