The only place where a friendly comment can start a flamewar
Person: Ah, I would have to say this is one of the best videos I watched. 10/10

Youtube Comments are just a worthless gutter of trolling and stupidity.
by SilverishGoldNova September 27, 2017
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The one thing on YouTube you have to be really cautious about, it's full of whiny bitches and a few smart people or know it alls, if you say something that looks dum or smart, there will be people spamming your comment and it will make you tear your hair out
Guy 1: This singer sucks, I hate it

YouTube Commenter: your so dum gtfo

Guy 1: I hate YouTube comments (types it on his comment)

Guy 2: hypocrite
by ReaperOfDefinitions November 26, 2015
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Those things under the video that are usually rasist, sexist, or they use words like gay fag or slut. but sometimes you can find that one diamond in the rough, the gem comment which is written by a person who knows what they are taking about and doesnt make rude comments or stupid assumptions.
Not a good Youtube comments: WOW!!!! what a fag ur so stupid stoop makeing vids u whore

get a life!

come to my channel i am supr funny!
by thatshortkid November 2, 2010
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A internet clone of north korea and justin bieber's house. Inherits bieber's stupity and North korean wars to create a whole new type of war that is far more destructive then nuclear war, the flame war
Youtube comments = your freindly place to find flamewars
by spiderpussy April 12, 2015
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Those with the desire to place input in something that didnt require evaluation or input. Typically those who lack reading comprehension or common sense, and they tend to cause unnecessary comment chains or arguments that would have never arisen if they didn't possess narcissistic retarded tendencies that typically translate into terrible listening skills in real life and somehow making things about themselves.
Person: I like salt with my potatoes.
Youtube commenter: I disagree.
Person: ... How was this up for discussion?
by thepragmatist July 8, 2015
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The deepest, darkest layer of hell imaginable. Full of the following spawns of Satan:
1: Spam bots
2: People with 8 subscribers who plug their own channels and try to get idiots to subscribe to them
3: Horrendous grammar
4: Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad "trends" and "jokes", typically typed as one of the following:
a) L
Like t
Like th
Like thi
Like this
Like thi
Like th
Like t
b) in bold, and like T H I S .
The Youtube comments section is where my soul, faith in humanity and happiness went to die.
by _Andromeda October 29, 2018
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Welcome to one of the most hideous places on the internet. People here on youtube comments have iq of room temperature. Here you'll find all sorts of people, some of them are:

1) The troll: A classic, will start flame war in replies either by stating unpopular opinions or straight up offensive shit.

2) The hungry for likes: Always comments overused shit like "wHoS wAtChInG iN 2021?!"

3) The spammer: Owns 100 different alt accounts. Keeps on copypasting links of his shitty video in replies of comments.

4) The "commenter": "Youtubers" with about 100k subs and 2k views on their videos. Try to abuse their verified checkmark by stealing comments and getting likes with goal of trying to revive their dead ass channel.

5) The bots: Will have profile pictures of thots and will spam random ass words with intention of attracting 12 year old horny kids and tricking them into clicking scam links.

If you're feeling like you have too many brain cells, head over to youtube comments to instantly lose them. Filled with idiots to the brim and bunch of people exploiting them. Still better than twitter.
The year is 2126
Guy 1: I miss the early days of internet.
Guy 2: *Shows a picture of youtube comments from that time*
Guy 1: Thanks, I no more miss it.
by Peepeepoopoo from urbdic November 5, 2021
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