A very common last name for Chinese people. Pronounced as "Lee". Only dumbasses pronounce it as "lie". It's also written as "Li3" in Chinese pinyin, not fricken Lee. Some people spell it Lee because of the retards out there saying it wrong.
by Henry Li May 22, 2009
A wacky person armed with overconfidence, a spoon and a small breifacse. Li should have your total respect, they are a legend and an ever fiercer kneekap kicker. We stan Li
'who is that over there looking like they are going to overthrow the patriarchy'
'oh thats Li and they just had their weetabix'
by Ich bin ein geni March 5, 2021
(n.) The cool and tough kid of the block.
Watch out for that Li. She is out of our league.
by Jet January 23, 2004
1. Pat when dawn
2. Don when Patty (only sometimes)
*watching Joker*
Guy 1: hey he just shot him
Guy 2: Li
by PattyandDonny November 25, 2020
the Eph Eph term describing a winkey face in other words (;
E: wow this is a crunk cup, whats Li
Y: its a winkey face
E: *turns crunk cup sideways* oooooh
by mpirical ed June 13, 2011
Hey I gotta go meet up with my li for date night, so I will talk to you later. All the best
by Rex Norman November 28, 2021