Honestly, I'm appalled.
Never in my life have I seen such volatility, such vileness, such venom, such inhumanity until I encountered the YouTube comments section when I first joined YouTube.
Everyone is opinionated to some degree; and for some reason that doesn't apply to the YouTube comments section. Trolls are everywhere. Home of the notorious flame war. Spelling and grammar are raped, beaten, tortured, shot, then hanged. Ranting will only get you hated. Once in a while the intelligent person will spring up, but you have to look for him... or her. But for the most part, it's amazing, almost laughable at how disrespectful we can be and have become.
Be careful what you write in the YouTube comments. I advise you.
YouTube comments = the epitome of misanthropy
by VitalyKimiSebNirvana May 29, 2012
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Not has such an uprising of racism, hatred, stupidity, misspellings, and other such reprehensible behaviors been seen since the founding of 4chan in 2003. Allegedly a mini-forum, so to say, to give video watchers a place to criticize, discuss, and comment. What can effectively be called the "comment section" on YouTube is truly devoid of anything redeemable in nature, where commentators seemingly try their damnedest to do anything but comment, criticize, or discuss. Reading YouTube comments on a video relating to politics, religion, stereotypes, and the like, will often compel those curious enough to let their eyes dangle at the mosh pit of insanity to wonder what has driven most of these people to achieve such great failure.

The comment section on YouTube is truly despicable, mainly due to a lack of moderation by the staff, video owners, and etcetera. True, the occasional intelligent person will seemingly slip through the waves of unintelligible jargon that YouTube renders endlessly, but they are often rare, like finding a lonely message in a bottle, floating among the waves in a sea of urine.
YouTube comments are vile in nature because, naturally, if you give man a mask of anonymity, he will show more of himself than he would anywhere else.
by Tekkenfreek234 December 30, 2011
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The YouTube comment section is a lot like Yahoo! - you scroll down and wonder why a simple video on how to chop an onion without crying has endless discussions on the nature of religion and reality, and the current government administration.

The problem with many users who spew out their unfiltered stupidity on YouTube videos is that they seriously believe they have the answers to everything. These exceptional individuals are very good at finding something to get angry about in the most innocent passing remark and are looking for suckers with whom they can ‘debate’.
“I got so many angry youtube comments last night just because I said I liked cats even though I think dogs are cute.”
by TauKitty June 4, 2018
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In theory: A section of the video hosting website 'Youtube' where people may comment on and rate videos uploaded by users.

In reality: A complete annex of reality where factual accuracy, literacy, mutual respect and general good will are almost completely devoid. The closer a video touches upon religion, national identites and race, the more ludicrous and profane the comments section will be.

Common inhabitants (and often combatants) of this inhospitable environment are:

Zealot the Cleric, Professor Know-it-all, Professor Wiki-it-all, Armchair Activist, Keyboard Patriot, xxxEmoKidxxx, Blatant Illiterate (aka The Child who was Left Behind), Raging Homophobe, Capt. Conspiracy Nut and Sir Lastword of Ihavenojob-shire.
Person A: "You know, I really despair in humanity sometimes."

Person B: "Have you been at those youtube comments again?"
by Yonner December 31, 2010
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The place where all logic, reason and common sense are stripped away. No place has known the sheer concentration if ignorance before youtube comments. Racism, sexism, appeal to emotion and pure hatred are commonplace.
Youtube comments are the only community to surpass 2003 4chan
by 322997am December 19, 2018
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A sample of youtube comments: You are wright!!!!!! The're a lot of other great singers! What did he do the last years??????
Everybody is prising him but he is a man with a lot of debt! He loves his family but what did he left the family with? Moneytrouble!! pffffff
by alikasomboooody July 8, 2009
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The place that is filled with fanatics, wannabe environmentalists, fake ecologists, racists, misogynists, misandrists, illiterate idiots, consiracy theorists, misanthropes, SJWs, feminazis, madmen (and madwomen), weeaboos, otakus, the mentally ill and idiots in general arguing with each other about trivial stuff that is of little to no importance in the real world. Not only that but these youtube comment sections are sometimes filled with illiteracy and poor grammar that will be enough to make professors cringe and develop drinking problems. In fact, these sections can make anyone develop drinking problems due to the sheer stupidity, fanaticism, racism, and hatred that can be found within them. Usually, these people have little to no idea about what they're talking about and the stuff that comes out of their mouths sound like fanatical, zealous, radical bullshit. Avoid this place at all costs unless you want to lose some brain cells or to lose your faith in humanity.
Youtube comments is a place that is full of insane people and fanatics arguing about unimportant bullshit.
by Wahrsager350 July 27, 2015
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