John - hey, Timmy, did you write those youtube comments the other day?

Timmy - aRe U cAlLinG mE rEtaRdeD?
by JJMapleTree November 10, 2018
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Usually a good way to fall into depression or just Laugh. These are absolute proof people get "muscles" from being miles away from someone. The fact is it isn't even comments anymore. It's basically a chatroom for E-thugs, trolls, and kids who get their ass kicked in real life. This is made possible by the REPLY button. Ah yes, the reply button, we've seen it. The start to a raged flame war. What I don't get is if they're comments, why is there a reply? Another thing that proves Youtube engineers from Google were on weed when making YT is Comment Rating. The absolute way for a complete douche to show how "superior" they are to people is too give them a good ol' thumbs down. This soon becomes a pile up and other dumbwits join in on completly trashing it until the comment disappears. So this proves half the community plays Jesus on the comment boards. I personally made an account to piss of the 10-year old trolls and easily angered fanboys. lol try it, its crazy how fast they get pissed and spam your inbox with "FUCK YOU!!!!" messages and then they end it with pussy blocking you. Sorry if this was long but it speaks the truth.
Me: So you like men? lol (as a joke)
Noob(in message): Subject: SCREW OFF SOOPID GEH KID
Youtube Comments are a WMD.^
by Awesomesauce123 February 20, 2010
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Quite possibly the worst "people" on the planet.These cretins represent the worst of the lot in humanity and post their vile and disgusting comments to somehow vent their unholy bile vicariously through these random videos.they range from perversion,homophobia,racism,intimidation,hatred towards law enforcement officers,jealously,rage,cyber bullying and death threats.

A great deal of these posters are unemployed,still living at home or in the basement.They are slovenly looking with scraggly beards and out of shape,distrusting of the government and usually spend their pathetic existences consuming energy drinks,cunsuming prescription drugs and toggling from playing Xbox to posting disgusting comments on youtube.
by Ratherfish June 10, 2014
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Probably the most unfunny thing to ever exist alongside Twitter and Tiktok. Youtube Comments usually consist of people using the same old ass memes and people saying extremely unfunny and retarded things about the video, oh and just note to yourself. DO NOT HAVE AN OPINION or else you will be bombarded with threats from random 12 year olds. Also keep in mind that most of these comments come from Kpop fans, Weeaboos/Otakus (Anime profile pictures), dumbass 12 - 14 year olds, and many more degenerates online.
Insert typical unfunny youtube comment: "Nobody:" "I-" "Who's listening in 2021" "When you"
Anyone with an IQ above room temperature: "Shut the fuck up you unfunny retard, go do something other than posting cringe all day"
The Commenter: NOOOOO MY FEELINGS ;(((
Anyone with an IQ above room temperature: "Goddamn... Fucking kids these days and their Youtube Comments
by idc about your opinion January 24, 2021
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A YouTube commenter is typically a basement dwelling neckbearded asshole who has absolutely nothing to do with their sad lives other than be a total self righteous prick on the internet and ruins everyone’s day as a result these same people will stone you to death the very second they find someone it you did something shitty years ago and you don’t do it anymore like cyberbully someone even tho there’s a good chance they are guilty of being assholes themselves and anytime you mention that they probably are guilty of being assholes they say shit like “oh you’re projecting” but that’s really not true at all they’re just saying that I’m projecting becuase they not only don’t know why I telling them that but it’s also because they don’t want to acknowledge that they guilty of being assholes
Hi I’m a YouTube commenter and I think I’m a sinless angel that doesn’t deserve even a slap on the wrist because I think I’m better than everyone else
by Fukuahole August 17, 2022
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The place on youtube that is full of people saying first and asking for likes or subs.
Common youtube comment:First!
Another Common Youtube comment:Like if you are alive
Person using Youtube: These YouTube Comments Are Stupid!
by memesmemes420 May 8, 2019
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A person whit no life mostly anti-social
Commenting in a large selection of videos to ear recognition
by YouTube cumy September 23, 2019
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