Similar to lol but used in even funnier situations
This is a lik worthy joke
by Sunbeam626 February 2, 2021
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Lik is a female who has great taste in music and hobos and is really cool. Most Liks are Australian, though there may be one or two in other places. Liks love The Used, and are the greatest people ever.
'OMG! That girl is so cool! She must be Lik!'
by Clairehead July 4, 2006
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lik omg! i was lik in dat place lik yesterday!!
by Joe August 19, 2003
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like i know
what's up with hank and lola?

LIK. havent talked to them for ages.

what was the meeting about?

LIK. i feel asleep.
by decebella May 7, 2010
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Like I know
Katie: Hey, Gina. Narwhals are so cool. They're badass.

Gina: LIK, you’re so right. They’re like the unicorns of the sea.

Katie: Wow, so true. Thank you for your wisdom.
by narwhallover1197 August 6, 2019
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Have you heard Frosty Lik he go hard he the kid with the dreads from Corpus.
by Hoe Gayo November 19, 2020
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