One of the first Youtube comments you usually see when you scroll down the comment section. Depending on how you chose to sort it, it would be the most liked comment or the most recent. Top comments are usually clever, expressive or just completely random.
P1" I want the Top Youtube comment(s)!"
P2" Duh lets play Russian Roulette. Every 5th like wins"
by Shipyetshipwreck August 10, 2016
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Actual cancer. It makes the among us community look mature.

Usually say something a long the lines of :

“(insert quote from the video)”

“No one:
Literally no one:
Not even (insert “funny” noun)
Me: farts



“As a (insert word)…”

I’m depressed, my mom has cancer, and my dad left, this video made me feel 10x better!”

“(Insert quote) - Sun Tzu
1: I’m going to look at the comments on this YouTube shorts.

2: Bro the YouTube shorts commenters are fucking stupid, don’t.
by Women are women amirite? September 22, 2023
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A YouTube comment that talks something about 2020, you usually see them even if 2020 has been over for over 3 years. Sometimes these comments are the top comment in the section.
by Startupedition June 12, 2023
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a place that lots of little kids can be at times.
me: goes on a sdt vid: me: checks youtube comments: kids: jsyxsxhshbxysgyfrgnfychjbrnfgyhfbcvgchfbdfyhcnr *spamms emojis* youtube comments
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