Comments on YouTube. Frequently filled with racism, stupidity, very poor spelling and trolls due to lack of moderation and people who don't watch the video before commenting on a video.
Example of YouTube comments:

Cool video. 5/5

OMG I likke dis vid ts soooo grewat!!!
by randomuser2349 December 14, 2009
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Human nature laid bare. As scary to read as it is to take a critical look inside yourself.
(in person)
Person A: Hi!
Person B: Hello how are you?
Person A: Good thank you!

(online, youtube comments and elsewhere, where anonymity almost guarantees no repercussions)
Person A: fuk you faggit go die
Person B: ill kill you stfu bitch
by over99 April 9, 2011
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Such a cesspool of illiteracy, misogyny, racism, idiocy, hatred, violence, barbarism, intolerance and general lack of humanity has not been seen since the middle ages.
Youtube comments, approach with caution lest you wish to be stripped of all that makes you human. The unreputable proof that there has been no evolution, god made us retarded.
by Sanitykiller January 2, 2010
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A greater reflection of the average Global IQ
Viewer 1: "OMG Scroll down to the YouTube Comments".
Viewer 2: "Nah I still have some hope left for humanity, don't wanna lose it"
by RussyMartinez January 30, 2018
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The comments that users can write under the videos on the website youtube. It sounds very creative and useful since it allows fairly anonymous users to comment on the video about their likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the the comments seem to be from either idiots, people full of shit or people that are insane. The best examples of this are comments from people that haven't watched the video to the end, people that think that they know everything, people that haven't researched the topic or even know about the topic that the video discusses which is normally common with videos about anime characters, comic books or movies, people that are highly illiterate or are little children with too much free time on their hands, people that are insane, racist or are conspiracy theorists and people that are highly religious to the point where they think the end of the world is coming every other day.
What are your opinions on youtube comments?

They are from people that are stupid, full of shit, or are just plain nuts.
by Hellrider285 January 21, 2014
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Bullshit that will make you lose any faith you had left in humanity.
They can be less atrocious among some genres, however most of the comments section and YouTube in general is filled with cringeworthy tweens arguing about politics in broken English.

Not to mention those who are hungry for likes. We shall not speak of them.
And of course those who reply to month old threads.
Person one: "Heh cool vid man"
Person two: "they are nt a man u stupid idiot"
Person three: "This isn't even in the same thread, at least use the reply button."

YouTube Comments are a terrible byproduct of human existence.
by Some Dragon Freak August 8, 2017
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n00b112: omg ure a fucktard: Chimpanzee: Geez, maybe they didn't evolve from us after all, going by youtube comments
by CatsnCheese February 26, 2009
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