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Research shows that the word conspiracy dates back to the holy Roman empire. It all started when the ancient Egyptian priest Atemu first came up with a conspiracy, except because the Egyptians didn't like the sound of the letter “p” they called it a consiracy and Atemu decreed that those types of things shall be called consiracy, he planned to get his followers to follow him and assassinate the pharaoh, but someone let the Pharaoh's know of his plans and so Atemu was captured, tried for consiracy with his followers, and their bodies ground up to make the clay for the sphinx's nose.

Jump ahead to ancient Greece and of course you have the philosopher who taught Socrates, Philosiphaios. Philosiphaios had studied for many years the story behind the sphinx's nose and so knew a great deal about it. He took his knowledge of Atemu and his plan to assassinate the Pharaoh, and where he saw flaws in Atemu's planning Philosiphaios made improvements so he could boycott the Olympic games and prove once and for all his most controversial philosophy the gods didn't exist. As Philosiphaios and his band of boycotter's wher tried for consiracy by Zeus himself and right before opening ceremonies they were all struck down by lightning.

Then in ancient Rome an unknown writer created the “complete history of consiracies,” shortly before the consiracy to kill Julius Ceasar was carried out,and he had to rewrite the book and in soon became a bast seller. Later when Emperor Constantine the Great took the thrown he decreed that in order for Rome to become a more Christian they should make many changes including changing the word consiracy to conspiracy to rid the word of the negative feelings often surrounding it and so it was.

Jump ahead to World War 2 during his run through north Africa Irwin Rommel, a rogue scholar in ancient Egypt especially in Atemu and his plot to kill the Pharaoh and also about the remains of them being in the sphinx's nose has a sudden vision that the Germans are going to lose the war and inorder to save German face thinks it a good idea to try to abolish all knowledge of conspiracies and so orders a small explosive round to be shot at the sphinx's noose destroying the nose and in his mind any knowledge of conspiracies. That is until the end of the war when the holocauyst was discovered and a whole new shit can of worms was discovered.

This brings us to today and more importantly the forum site that brought you the truth behind the word consiracy.
dude u hear the consiracy on conspiracy?
by hawky316 April 19, 2009
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