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a very vague term, describing a low quality, troll, or deliberately dumb post
"shitposts dont get to the front page"
by 322997am September 06, 2017

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A document that allows s non black person to say the n word. Must be issued by African American. Most prevalent in northeastern middle schools and high schools.
White guy 1:you stoopid
White guy 2:shut up you n****
White guy : I'll tel on u
White guy 2:I have a black pass.
by 322997am June 14, 2016

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A worm from a weird cartoon that became a meme in March 2018
I am the Globglobgabgalab and I love books
by 322997am May 23, 2018

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A piece of glorified toilet paper that humans put value on.
Money is not bad, but strange indeed.
by 322997am April 15, 2017

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A device that had different purposes over the years:
'80-90s- a device that allowed children to understand how to code and gave them insight on how things worked, this enriched them and now they are very good adults
2000s- a device that enriches BY FAR 1% of children/ teenagers and horribly degrades the other 99%
The 1% group is the group that has used computers to find out new and interesting information, the group that will defend net neutrality in the future, the group that knows at least basic coding and understands how they are vulnerable online. The 99% group includes people who sit on social media 24/7 and those who will keep reloading the page to comment on Miley Cyrus's comment. Another portion is those who play flash games on their school issued celeron based 1.4 ghz chromebooks, and treat them like magic. These groups usually don't know what a byte is. Another group is those who always say

Dumb guy- are you reading Wikipedia?
Decent guy- yeah it is interesting
Dumb guy- OMG you are so stupid Wikipedia is the most inaccurate website on the internet, those popups on websites are so much more accurate{goes on facebook to post that X guy is reading Wikipedia}
The 99% group usually are those who respond by "GO AWAIYYY" when you tell them to DEFEND NET NEURTALITY. They respond with OMG xxx singer just broke up omg as they look at their 10th iPhone which is an iPhone 7 bought on September 8th. Spread this degradation awareness so the 1% can become 20%.
I'm on my computer
Are you 1%
Nope u are the 99%
I don't care go away
by 322997am October 03, 2016

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There are multiple types: good, ok, neutral, bad, and horrendous.
Good type: kids today we will do fun activities to learn the content. 5 questions only from the book.
Ok type: kids do your work and I will not bother you. The work is not fun but it is not much either.
Neutral type: kids I will teach u a lesson and then we will do classwork
Horrendous type: hey kids. I am a good teacher with a good sense of humor. We do fun activities, so let's start by doing some book work. When we take a test, my bitches and ho's will get higher marks than hardworking people. Also asians will get better grades, as if I score them unfairly as I do with white kids then their parents will come and beat me up. Everyone who is not a favorite or a minority will get B's on tests at best, even if they deserve an A.
That teacher is so bad, Like this girl she answered that question wrong and he let her redo it.
by 322997am April 04, 2017

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