A term normally quoted by feminism.

It's used when a woman/male is pressured in a social situation to say or act in some way based on their gender.
When we say that boys are not supposed to cry because they are males, it's sexism.

If a woman is expected to clean the dishes, but not a male of his same age, it's sexism.
by led. April 24, 2018
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sexism is a subject invented and studied by feminists. They held a hypothesis that the lexicon, grammatical structure, etc. of a language contain features that makes woman excluded, insulted or unimportant.
"Tomorrow I will meet my new doctor; I hope he is friendly."
Since the speaker hasn’t met the doctor, how can the speaker know the doctor is HE? This kind of assumption can be regarded as sexism in Language.
by sophia41 January 23, 2008
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funny when one is joking, otherwise a horrible thing
.what do you do when your dishwasher stops working? slap her

why dont woman need a drivers licence? theres no road tween the kitchen and the bedroom

what do you say to a woman with 2 black eyes? nothin you aint said twice

why hasnt there been a woman president? theres already maids and cooks in the whitehouse
by emmanem April 1, 2005
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Men have to live by the rules women invent, but women don't.
Sexism: When a man leaves a woman after 25 years, that's "abandonment', but when a woman leaves a man after one, that's "moving on with her life"; when a man has a fantasy involving two women, that's "perverted", but when a woman has a fantasy involving a man and a horse, that's "romantic".
by harvey-rrit January 23, 2011
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Something that usually results from human beings assuming that just because they or someone they know has a certain quality, everyone else in that certain gender has it too.
"My girlfriend is frigid, therefore all girls must be."

"My ex boyfriend is a dick, therefore all men must be."

"The only well-known brilliant people in history are men, therefore women musn't have the ability to be brilliant."

"I can talk heaps more easily to the girls I know than to the boys I know, therefore all boys must be emotionally stunted."

(sexism resulting from self centred assumptions)
by fell in a hooooole September 23, 2006
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Discrimination based on gender. Both men and women can be victims of sexism.
1. A woman may be paid less than a man for doing the same job is an old example of sexism.

2. A man may be required to sign up fight for his country/be drafted while a woman is not.

3. A man who has sex with many women may be admired by other men, while a woman who has several sexual partners is labelled a 'slut' or a 'whore.'

4. No matter what their relative incomes, some women expect a man to pay for everything on a date, rather than paying for themselves, splitting the bill at dinner, etc.
by Struan December 26, 2005
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A guy does 5 chicks in 1 week and is known as a champion.
A girl does 5 guys in 1 week and is known as a slut.
Do you think that's fair?
That's my definition for sexism.
by meeeeeeeegan November 8, 2006
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