The word ‘you’ means a virgin male who plays fortnite and is the reason why Karen took the kids
Dad I’m hungry
Hi hungry I’m dad
Why did you name me this way
by Penguin fish December 29, 2018
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You is a typical Muxian slang that is used instead of dude (in spanish “tío” or “amigo”). This word is not common in writing but speech, specially in teens.

The time when this word was created is not clear, but lots of people think it comes from a 2014 party.
Definitely, you could use it in several situations, like when you want the salt “Can you hand me the salt, you?” or when you want to make a joint “You, do you want to make a joint?”
Eh you faime caso
“Hey dude, pay attention to me”
by Koala is angry November 28, 2019
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You....Just You....The perfect You....and Imperfect You....The You whose past may have broken You....Or Molded You....Into a Better You
You're searching up words on the Web....But also have a Websters dictionary setting inside your dresser.. You don't know any better because you've never been shown the quality of a book in the past...but I can fix that...I can fix....You
by ICanFixYou101 January 19, 2020
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You literally means "jew" in Chinese.
You literally means "jew" in China, did you know
you got to be kidding me he's from Israel.
by Equal crack September 25, 2016
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SERIOUSLY? Ya looked up "You" is this your excuse for procrastinating? Who is the person reading this? That is your definition.
by Not Romanap December 13, 2016
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A very pretty, kind person who won't let anything get them down. Empathetic, diligent, and a chronic procrastinator. You are loved.
by Liberal Lady Ann November 07, 2016
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You are the only one who really existed. Everyone else is an illusion. You are living in this time plane all by yourself.

Just like the Doctor. But without a TARDIS.
The Doctor lands his TARDIS near where you were standing. It hummed softly.

"You're living here all alone then?" He said. It wasn't a question. You nodded. He sat beside you and said,

"Come with me. We can travel any where, any time. I can take you to where this is not all an illusion."

"Is there wifi?" You asked meekly.

"She has everything!" He smiled, referring to the TARDIS.

That was how you become his companion. And eventually died.
by VaticanCameos December 03, 2013
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