the correct way to spell the ordinary word, you.
not corrupted by the minds of sad depraved 12 year old myspace addicts.

{n.} not yooh
{n.} not yoo
{n.} not yew
19:55:40 <3 Why Are Y: i go to ur skwl year below yoo
19:55:48 craig <3 jad: *you

by craigisbetterthanme August 13, 2006
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You are the person I think of all the time.

You are always on my mind.

You make me smile.

You make me happy.

You always make me laugh.

Everything about you is wonderful, whether it's your looks, your humor, your way of speaking, your laugh, the way your eyes crease when you look at me and smile, the way your smile is lopsided or the way you do the most random and amazing things.

You are special to me.
by trillniggazfromdahood June 13, 2012
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You, <insert name here>, are the person reading this article, unless, of course, you're not. But that would be awkward.
“You bastard! You killed Kenny!”
~ Stan on You

“A total idiot.”
~ Captain Obvious on You

~ Soulja Boy on Who should crank that soulja boy
by Uncyclopedia March 27, 2008
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You; the one who makes me smile and causes my heart to swell, almost to the point of bursting, with happiness, affection and love. You; someone so wonderful, caring, funny, attractive, and amazing my head spins. You; the one to never let go.
Was it by chance I found you or meant to be.
by Hosage March 29, 2011
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Common Scottish colloquial shortening of "you guys" or "you folks", used to address multiple persons with a statement or question.
"What are you's up tae the day?"

"See you's? You's are aw a bunch o' bams!"

"You's are gonnae get chibbed, so you's are!"
by 8bit June 15, 2006
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