A term used for you are, in replacement of you're. Generally by special people who arent quite capable of texting or spelling properly. This is not necessarily a fault of the individuals just an unfortunate occurrence, particularly, for those who can't multitask and prefer to thank in advance.
Yore funny...looking (You're You are)
Yore going to the supermarket to buy Nor-prawn

Ultimate Example:

Yore glad I'm glad yore glad I'm glad yore glad.
by Pheebalicious July 24, 2012
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remember yorse?

now they added the word vore in it...

what is wrong with ya'll...

also, remember bumblby? yeah, that was good times, now its tainted with sin.
"I can believe that I read the Yore fan-fic... I'm in hell"

"Arryn is disappointed at us now"
by Lavenderder February 11, 2019
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an association based in Spokane, WA that is for people who want good friends and intelligent random conversation... and an awesome inauguration!
it was started in 2004 and is active to this day (at least this day in 2008)

Mission Statement:
The Lovelies of Yore's sole purpose is to have fun and practice lovelieness, hopefully passing it on to all in the world. We want to have pomp, triumph, and reveling at all times!

Bill: What is that group that gathers every day in the meeting room?
Phil: The Lovelies of Yore!!! You should join... maybe their lovely ways will rub off on you
Bill: I hate you.
Phil: They don't need posers like you anyway, biotch!
by i wish i was in the LOY July 22, 2008
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A poor attempt at an insult to hurl inside online multiplayer gaming chat.
I that yore gay is the retard equivalent of "no u."
Stopping someone with an "I that yore gay" mid sentence is life changing, and that person will most likely be a downer for the rest of the year.
Be sure to use with extreme caution.
Retard #1: Yeah, you're literally shit at this game, go find another lobby
Retard #2: I that yore gay
by MGM-51B Shillelagh March 25, 2021
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