1. To quickly turn your car, usually to initiate a donut/drift

Originates from the San Francisco Bay Area. Commonly used in hip-hop/hyphy rap songs by artists like Mac Dre, Mistah FAB, Dubee, &J Diggs.

Synonym: whippin
1- That sideshow was poppin off last night.

2- Yee cuddie, CJ yoked his whip so hard he damn near hit a pole.

1- Dre would be proud. T.I.P. Furly Ghost
by Pandeemonium December 07, 2016
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(1) The technical term for the plastic rings that hold together a six-pack of beer cans.

(2) A serving of beer, i.e., drinking all six beers without removing them from the plastic rings.

(3) "Yoke Challenge": Trying to drink all of the beers in a six-pack as fast as possible without removing them from the plastic rings or dousing yourself in beer; often used as a strategy for Newman's Day.
Yo, man, let's yoke it up tonight!

Poor Pat, he can't even finish a whole yoke!

For someone who says he's dry, that Chauncey sure drinks a lot of yokes!

That girl's so crunchy, she wants to cut up the yokes to save the dolphins or something.
by Tastey Taste April 07, 2004
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1.) Nickname, A.K.A, alias, etc for Yokohama Tires
Yo man your new ride rolling on some Yokes or what?
Yeah I got some Yokes on my 30s.
by Dirty Southerner July 10, 2008
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Hey Docta, you want to play some yokes at your house on friday?
Sure, I've got a few extra bills I don't mind gambling.
by Nempy February 23, 2004
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1. to link or to join

2. something that connects or joins together; a bond or tie

3. to unite, to connect
I yoked u to my site last week u fucking yoke me back bitch!
by pk289 October 18, 2007
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