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well muscled; powerfully built.
Gosh, that Shaq is yoked!
by charlie January 24, 2003
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Originally referring to a strong or large trap muscle between the shoulder and neck. Word originates from the "yoke" that is placed around the neck of oxen. Has now developed into a broad term for hugeness and strength.
"Fuck that guys huge, he has no neck!"
"The guys fucking yoked!"
by ebasshole August 16, 2011
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to be well built; having a high level of muscle definition; ripped; cut; sinewy; etc.
"Aye bro we about fight this fool, you in or wat?"
"HEEEEELLL NO that nigga hella yoked!"
by kranksterx October 07, 2009
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Irish Slang for being high on ecstasy tablets.
Commonly used in and around the Holylands Belfast and Derry.
"I'm fucking yoked in Thompsons" this translates to "I am high on ecstasy tablets in Thompsons"
by theyoker3000 February 03, 2017
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