Somebody who's descent includes a country that no longer exists.
Michael is such a Yoho, I've never even heard of Assyria.
by Ross Handler February 24, 2006
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A conservative, middle-aged, white male bully, bloated with self-importance, who feels free to spew hateful opinions publicly, cursing out all those who disagree, especially progressive women of color. After Florida congressman Ted Yoho, notorious for his vile confrontation of AOC on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.
I'm so depressed—my sweetie's uncle is such a Yoho and we have to go to his place for dinner!
Congress, corporate board rooms, they seem packed full of Yohos who think they own the world.
Dude, don't be such a Yoho—open up your mind!
by Creed Cur July 22, 2020
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The biggest fucking bitch in America. Someone so insecure that they can only distract themselves from all the people fucking their wife by bullying others, only to fail at that too.
Just because you’ve never accomplished anything in your life and you’re too much of a coward to stop other people from fucking your wife doesn’t mean you have to be a yoho about it!
by Contextiskey July 21, 2020
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Abbreviation for: your only here once
A more intelligent acronym for trying things one wouldn't normally do. Rather then Yolo, which is "a dumbass's excuse for something stupid they did." When saying Yoho, you are telling someone you have broken from the social pressures of ""carpe diem" for stupid people," and are doing something because you actually want to experience something new. Opposed to doing something, stupid or not, then saying "what the hell you only live once." Also can refer to a place you've been or a point in time, but above all else its not as annoying and over used as Yolo...
Stranger I (at a college party): "I haven't see you before, are you visiting a friend?"

You: "No I actually go here, just decided it was about damn time I got to know people and let loose a little. Yoho right?"

Friend I: "Hey I heard you decided to ask that girl out."

Friend II: "Yeah I thought Yoho, why not give it a shot and make the best of it when I still can."
by Bring nice karma August 21, 2013
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(used as a call or shout to attract attention, accompany effort, etc.)
to shout “yo-ho!”
Taking down a wheezy and tattered concertina, the greasy cook sang in a raucous tone a ditty he had composed. “ Yoho , me hearties, hark t'me, pay 'eed now whilst I sing…"
by Learnovium October 25, 2013
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The state of having a flaccid penis involuntarily; erectile dysfunction.
"She was all over me, and I wish I had been able to follow through, but I was so wasted my dick went Yoho." "I was totally ready to take things up a notch, but then I saw her Trumpette hat and instantly had Yoho dick."
by MaxxtheGirl July 26, 2020
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United States Congressman with an IQ of 72. Not content with being fat and ugly, this "man" thought calling another member of Congress a bitch would have no consequences.
Yoho used to be a Member of the US House of Representatives untill he insulted one of the most popular Congresswomen and was voted out by a landslide.
by KodyDawg July 24, 2020
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