A person who works for Yoplait and sleeps with everyone who works there.
The yo ho slept everyone in the plant who would bed her, including my husband.
by VictimofAdultery November 17, 2011
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A specific class of groupie defined by their sexual, predator-like interest in Yoyo competitors.
"At the last regional competition there were so many Yo-Hos, panties were dropping faster than the throws!
by Sellwood G-Spot March 09, 2012
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A greeting used by The S in chat rooms, message boards, etc. Never use punctuation with it, unless a persons name is used after it (ie., yo-ho, snake!)
by The S October 24, 2003
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(used as a call or shout to attract attention, accompany effort, etc.)
to shout β€œyo-ho!”
Taking down a wheezy and tattered concertina, the greasy cook sang in a raucous tone a ditty he had composed. β€œ Yoho , me hearties, hark t'me, pay 'eed now whilst I sing…"
by Learnovium October 25, 2013
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Any belligerent, old sexist dude who comes at women, finger pointing and accosting them like Rep. Ted Yoho came at AOC on the Capitol steps.
My sister was going to work and this creepy old Yoho started getting in her face and called her a β€œfucking Bitch”.
by Boomer of Doom July 24, 2020
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to yoho (verb): when an under-qualified man realizes their insecurities and lashes out at the more qualified woman they feel threatened by.
"When he realized he had been out maneuvered by AOC, Ted began to yoho her on the Capitol steps."
by Tensility July 23, 2020
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