United States Congressman with an IQ of 72. Not content with being fat and ugly, this "man" thought calling another member of Congress a bitch would have no consequences.
Yoho used to be a Member of the US House of Representatives untill he insulted one of the most popular Congresswomen and was voted out by a landslide.
by KodyDawg July 23, 2020
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"Awrite man"-originated from the Baltic Nnnnetherness of Middle Earth.

Sam:"Hello, fancy meeting you here. In this gaybar. Weirdo."
by Sam Cairns February 28, 2005
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YOHO or "You're only here once" is a game show interjection for β€œCarpe Diem.”
Brad from the Chase: "Are you sure you want to go for the higher offer?"

Contestant: "Yeah why not - YOHO!"
by Matt Windle poet January 04, 2021
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a name used to describe a coworker who is extremely loud and gets super excited about networking fundamentals
the guy in the cubicle next to me is a real yoho.
by unstoppable13 May 17, 2021
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The state of having a flaccid penis involuntarily; erectile dysfunction.
"She was all over me, and I wish I had been able to follow through, but I was so wasted my dick went Yoho." "I was totally ready to take things up a notch, but then I saw her Trumpette hat and instantly had Yoho dick."
by MaxxtheGirl July 26, 2020
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