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A deity that resides in the subconscious of less than .07% of the human population. For the few that carry this manifestation only one has proven to channel and utilize it correctly.

In 1998 there were reports of this activity in and around the greater Los Angeles area, signs continued to appear sporadically from areas in Los Angeles to Europe, then abruptly in late 2000 all signs began to vanish and by 2001 were completely gone.

The scientific community began to get excited when in 2004 signs began to resurface. Since then the signs have been seen primarily in California from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area and parts of Italy.

There have been a few forged documentations around the United states, but the tell tail sign for the real subject is told by the a strange connection to the phrases: Lead The Sheep and/or Killer Of Giants.

Source: Dr Abominable PHD
That Yetie is sick!!!!!!!!!
by DrAbominable February 01, 2010
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