A common meme of the mid-2010s, most popular in the UK, from the Scottish dialect of "your dad", which involves someone making statements on a news story through the eyes of a stereotypically right-wing, conservative, reactionary middle aged British man, increasingly baffled and angry at the modern world. Particular targets for this baffled anger are political correctness and things young people of today like.
"Yer da says he's not racist because he likes curry"

"Yer da says students are all scruffy smelly spongers who need a good wash, and they only vote Jeremy Corbyn because he'll give them free stuff they can't pay back"

"Yer da doesn't like the Premier League and all these fancy foreign players diving and dabbing. He watches Rugby Union because it's a REAL SPORT for REAL MEN."

"Yer da liked the new Wonder Woman film but he wonders if he can meet a woman who'll get in the kitchen and make him a sandwich."

"Yer da isn't homophobic but can't be doing with this gay kiss on Eastenders, kids are watching"
by Sullivanus Maximus July 8, 2017
Scottish for "your dad". A term used to describe any behaviour or mannerism resembling something a stereotypically bald, middle-aged, slightly racist, bit behind-the-times bloke like your dad would say or do.
Yer da wishes his team would hire Tim Sherwood because he's a "proper football bloke"

Yer da blacked up for Halloween last year

Yer da isn't racist but wonders why there isn't a White History Month if there's a Black History Month

Yer da voted Leave to "get our country back"

Yer da doesn't mind people being gay but wishes "it wasn't so in my face all the time"

Yer da hates tika-taka football. Wishes his team would play 4-4-2 more.

Yer da stopped watching Top Gear when Jeremy Clarkson left because "he was the one who said what we're all thinking"

Yer da thinks soldiers should get footballers' wages

Yer da wants Boris Johnson as prime minister

Yer da gets excited when the rugby world cup's on because "it's a real man's sport"

Yer da thinks wearing a poppy in November should be mandatory

Yer da's favourite karaoke song is Mr Blue Sky

Yer da wishes England would drop Daniel Sturridge and play someone who's "not afraid to get stuck in" like Troy Deeney

Yer da goes on holiday to Benidorm and spends the whole week getting sunburnt on his Union Jack towel

Yer da's seen every single Bond film several times. Watches them as aspiration.

Yer da hates goal music at the football and wishes all games went back to 3pm kick-off on Saturdays

Yer da's gotten a 3 back and sides and a trim on top for the last 30 years

Yer da occasionally watches porn on Channel 5 once yer maw's gone to bed

Yer da hates all modern music and wishes there were more proper bands about like Oasis
by areteees October 31, 2017
Scottish insult:

Commonly brought up in argument Yer da=your dad, when brought up prepare for the most unholy of gastric shitstorms as your world is going to come crumbling down as yer pal ruins you with some extravagant patter
"Fuck up ya toilet seat"
"Yer da gives bowls of cornflakes to wee kids and tells them if they want the milk they have to come to his basement"
by Yerdasellsavon September 30, 2016
insignificant, not worthy of an opinion, foolish
Yer da thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi.
by AzontoMan January 31, 2017
A statement used when trying to find someone’s father.

Matilda:”I don’t know”
by Wee Jim June 25, 2022
Who's your dad?
David: who's yer da?
Seymour: I'm yer da!
by Yerda January 10, 2012
Scottish insult: "Your father is a representative of the Avon company"

The peak, the maximum, the be-all and end-all of humiliation. The ultimate insult of one's self, one's family and one's dignity. Consider all hope lost in your life if this is said to you. Use sparingly against enemies.
"Yer a tit"

"Fuck off pal, yer da sells the Avon"

*kills self*
by purefanny565 August 29, 2016