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Not the pronoun, but a first baseman with the unlikely name of "Who."
"What's the name of the guy on first base?"
"The first baseman."
"Who IS the first baseman."
by Andrew Version 1. March 21, 2004
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Dejagoo is the strange feeling that you've been in this sticky situation before. It is dejavu due to goo. Usual symptoms are shivers down once's spine followed by disgust, especially if actual goo is involved.
Dude I like just like stepped in doggy doodoo. And i was like, oh dude this feels familiar. Then I remembered that I like stepped in pup poo like last weekend too. Surreal man, it was like total dejagoo.
by Hukra March 14, 2009
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A phrase for not knowing someone or just saying you don't care for them. When someome says who they normally don't kniw the person or just don't like them.
"Hey tom do you know Brady" Phill said
" Who" Tom said.
by DatKidThatAteToast January 02, 2019
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Holy shit man, last night I smoked 4 jski's and this morning I can barely tie my shoes. I have a brutal W.H.O.
by J-ski 31 November 14, 2008
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Someone who is really cringy and does dumb things.
That who over there wearing the crocs, locked her keys in the car while the car was still running.
by god of the whos January 29, 2019
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canada: i wish people would notice me...
kumajiro: who are you?
canada: im canada...
by inez58846 August 21, 2011
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The sound an owl makes. Also spelled Hoo.
Owl: "Who, Who"
by thatgirlissuchalauren May 09, 2011
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