Young Argentinian super-talent, showed impressive play at the U-20 World Championships and continues to do so at FC Barcelona.

Often compared with Diego "hands in mi pocket" Maradona.

Man did u see the u-20 world cup, lionel messi took every award there was LOL!
by Alessandroooooooooo January 23, 2006
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A young Argentine soccer star who currently plays for both Argentina and F.C. Barcelona. Having dominated in the u-20 Cup, he went on to become a all-time leading scorer for F.C. Barcelona. He is often compared with Diego Maradona, who declared Messi his prodigy.
C. Ronaldo: How did Barcelona win the Club World Cup?
Pep Guardiola: Because we have Lionel Messi, thats how!
by FDGBoxman December 23, 2011
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The best soccer player of all time. Lionel was born in Romario, Argentina, and plays for FC Barcelona. He may be standing at a mere 5'7, but his amazing skill makes up for it. Most people love him, but all 11 Real Madrid thinks he sucks. Shut up and realize that he is better than Ronaldo. He has not YET won a world cup, but we are all rooting for him in June!!!!
Real Madrid fan: Hey, did you see that amazing play Ronaldo

Random Kid: Oh, you mean that tap in 2 inches from the goal, if you want to watch a real play, watch
Barcelona's game tomorrow so you can see Lionel Messi
by Yodeling Walmart Kid123 May 19, 2018
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The king and the goat of
He's Argentinian and his current club is FC Barcelona
He likes to win Ballon d'Or's but he doesn't win World cups.
Overall he's a great player.
Fan 1: I really like Lionel Messi.
Fan 2: Yeah he's a goat and a king.
by fuckajsdsiadasdjsnadnasdsadasd January 26, 2019
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The absolute GOAT of football, no one compares to him.
Jeff: Did you see Lionel Messi's game last night?
Dave: Yeah, he was a beast.
by man_city_fan February 22, 2022
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An Argentinian growth hormone merchant that is often linked with unsportsmanlike behaviour. Mostly relies on penalties, but can also dribble past an opponent that doesn't dare to tackle Messi because he knows, a penalty will be given that Pessi might score.

Other attributes that fit Lionel Messi are arrogance, autism and fascism
Person 1: What was the worst referee performance ever?

Person 2: I don't know, probabaly any of the countless times that the ref was sucking Lionel Messi's little dick.

Person 1: Yeah, that is typical Lionel Messi.
by LouisVanSlay December 14, 2022
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