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- The unit of love.
- Amorous quantification.
Based on the turbulent lovelife of actress, Jane Seymour, who at one point seemed to get married every couple of year, each time declaring she had found a "love like never before", then divorcing, and so on and so on in an apparently interminable cycle.

1.0 Seymour is about 10% of your first crush and 50% of the way you feel towards your spouse most of the time.

Bloke: "I don't think this is working out."
Woman: "Yes, I'm feeling about 0.03 Seymours for you, too."
by UncleDes August 03, 2008
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A small town in Western CT, voted Connecticut's "Prettiest Little Town", and a useless place where kids hang out in parking lots at night. No one, even in neighboring towns know exactly where it is.
Guy: "Hey, where are you from?"
Girl: "Seymour."
Guy: "I'm from Waterbury. But I don't know where that is."
Girl: "Oh. It's between Waterbury and Ansonia."
Guy: "Ohh."
by CeruleanSin September 08, 2008
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spoilers One of the 'bad guys' from Final Fantasy 10. He's the leader or the Guado, and Maester of Yevon. He killed his father to become Maester, and he's bent on becoming Sin and killing everyone, so they will no longer feel any pain. (Yup, he's insane.) But he wouldn't be that way if people were a little nicer to him. As a child, he was hated and feared for being a hybrid (half human and half Guado) and this emotional pain carried over into adulthood and he slowly went insane. I personally love the guy to death. He's such a sad and tragic person, and all he needs is a hug. (And maybe some medication.)
by Kyd December 28, 2003
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Someone who is wearing pants with an air pocket in the crotch/zipper area, making it appear that that have an erection. This term can be used for males and females, of all ages.
OMG, do you see that guy? He is a TOTAL Seymour!

Mr.Hawkins is such a Seymour.

John's a bit of a Seymour today...
by Seymour Hawkins March 31, 2012
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A Word commonly used and/or associated with higher class wealthy people, who think they are much better than everyone else.

These people are those that are commonly mocked, due to their inane etiquette and reasoning.
That man is such a Seymour.

Meaning, that man is such a higher class prick, thinking he's so much better than me. (Or something along those lines, at least, otherwise the usage is incorrect.)
by DelVair March 04, 2012
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Anyone with this name is a fat whore
Damn that Seymour sure looks like an overweight walrus

Hey I think I just saw Seymour polish of 8 oatmeal raisin cookies at the dining hall!
by Ehhh oooh July 27, 2016
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