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Scottish insult: "Your father is a representative of the Avon company"

The peak, the maximum, the be-all and end-all of humiliation. The ultimate insult of one's self, one's family and one's dignity. Consider all hope lost in your life if this is said to you. Use sparingly against enemies.
"Yer a tit"

"Fuck off pal, yer da sells the Avon"

*kills self*
by purefanny565 August 29, 2016

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Scottish insult: "your mother is a drug dealer"

Counterpart to "yer da sells avon". Often used in verbal attacks, can also be used in retaliation to previous insult.

Yer = your
Maw = mother
Punt = sell/offload
Coonsil = council; cheap, very low quality drugs (usually cocaine) typically prepared in someone's kitchen/basement

See also: yer da sells the avon
"Awa talk shite, yer da sells avon ya roaster"

"Aye well yer maw punts coonsil n aw, prick"

by purefanny565 February 03, 2017

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Originally meaing someone from the Highlands of Scotland, the word has become bastardised over the years with the definition becoming more and more loose.

An actual teuchter: someone from the Highlands
A teuchter in Aberdeen: someone from the countryside
A teuchter in Dundee: someone from Aberdeen
A teuchter in Edinburgh: someone from the north
A teuchter in Glasgow: someone from literally anywhere other than Glasgow
"I'm from Edinburgh"

Weegie: "haaawwww yer a teuchter man!"

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