A person who uses methamphetamines but usually has no money to buy their drugs, so they constantly hang out for no apparent reason just to do your drugs for FREE!!
Here comes the “yard bird”...... quick, hide your shit or he’ll circle you until he smokes all yours then mine too....!!!
by KeepinITReal62 March 27, 2021
Tyrone: Hey brotha' you wanna get up on that Yard Bird?
Jerome: Hell Yeah son....Yard Bird and colla' greens
by Budddha King April 26, 2007
A slang term for the common chicken, generally after being prepared as a meal.
I would like the yard bird, and some cole slaw, please.
by Anonymous June 3, 2003
A soldier(or Marine, Sailor, et cetera) in the Army(or Navy, et cetera) assigned to menial tasks such as janitorial duty or landmine disposal.
Hey! Yardbird! Clean my boots! Damnit!
by ChickenFriedKitten June 15, 2004
an example is just a chicken thats it thats all u need to no
do u want some yard bird
hell yes
by Grant vietze February 3, 2006
hott emo guys from UEHS named plugg boy, fur coat,chris,tom and all of their friends....
spanky and spiff love the yard birds
by candy cane October 12, 2003
Typically used to reassure someone that an event is insignificant and should not be worried about. Also used as a variation of "no big deal".
Friend: "I'm so worried about this test tomorrow..."
Me: "Chicken ain't nothin but a yard bird. No need to worry about it!"
by pollonoesnada November 17, 2017