a hook up, connection, one that helps another obtain some type of value by means of their personal status or resources,
how where you able to get those exclusive Nikes?

My plugg.
by lawyerFromSCLA December 26, 2017
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Truely, someone who is 100% totally useless, comparing them to someone that is even bigger than a typical plug.
Your not a plug, your a plugg!
by B K February 26, 2007
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plugg means so good looking more than peng or leng or fit it means something is so hot.

It's pronounced plug like a plug that you put into the wall.
"Man that girl be looking plugg af"
by caleb ryan October 26, 2020
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That one tortoise who lost his dominance to Nicole from Miami Zoo.
by Pluggggg April 4, 2019
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If plug ugly is to be hired to intimidate?? Then that means one who just stands there And gets arrested for intimidation alone well fuckkn plugg-ugly is. Now a term used by k187c and murderedout EMPIRE 187
Fukkn plugg-ugly Dam G did you see what the 1-times (see in urban) did to k187c from murderedout EMPIRE they arrested him for just standing there for intimidation so therefore k187c is fukkn plugg- ugly ; a gangster 💯💯 now a real OG
by k187c April 21, 2021
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