The most sexy mf ever. He holds the award of having the fattest horse schlong in all of eternity. Just one look at him and you will bust a nut so hard you’ll be screaming with and without the s.
Person 1: Bro just look at xiao *busts a nut*
Person 2: Shiiii that is one hot sexy mf *also busts
Donna: ayo diluc cant even compare
by what the flying freak man March 5, 2021
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A cute baby, he looks so adorable. He could stare at me with his piercing gaze and I will literally piss myself, and in a good way. How can someone be so fucking hot and so fucking cute at the same time. This man makes me cry for hours on end.
For those who didn't get him(which also happens to be me), I hope you'll get him when his banner makes a reappearance. I love you fellow Xiao lovers, I love Xiao too.
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Hottest daddy you'll ever see. He has a giant dong, and smooth body. Saves you when you fall down. If you want him to love you, give him almond tofu.
Xiao is mine, oh wait Xiao is ours.
by dongcollector December 1, 2020
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An adepti that has a cold attitude but is sexy as fuck. Will save you if you’re about to fall to your death, an almond tofu enthusiast.
Who is that sexy man?
That’s Xiao Genshin Impact
by sawarasenai December 27, 2021
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one sexy hot mf. his hair is beautiful and got tattoos on his arm. he it a divine being with a monster shlong. but he's 5'2.
"Are you gonna roll for Xiao?",
"hell yeah, I will murder humanity if I don't get him"
by i need to go to horny jail January 31, 2021
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This is an awesome Chinese name for amazing Chinese guys that all Americans will fail to pronounce correctly. Possible incorrect pronunciations may be but are not limited to the following: "Chow", "Zee-ow", "Ex-ee-ow", "X".
Teacher: So how do you pronounce X-I-A-O.

Xiao: Xiao is pronounced like the "show" in "shower.
by tusmrt4u December 31, 2010
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The kid that says "no shit" to whatever answer you give to him
Xiao: What's element 1 again?
Guy: Hydrogen
Xiao: No Shit
I seriously want to punch him every time he says that
Why the fuck you even asking
And that's why you have a xiao ji ji
by bob93492 October 8, 2020
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