1. a very attractive man
2. a man with large genitals
3. one who is excellent in bed
"I met a sexy man today. He was unbelievable in bed."
by gankrogue August 23, 2005
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A Sexy man, also known as Robert A Rice. is a man thats just so hot and all the women go to robert coz hes just so hot omg 🥵
by Robert the sexy man March 5, 2021
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An internet meme created by the BFFs Battlefield Friends

Sexy Man Pose can be seen as an ironic form of trolling or as an alternative to tea bagging in the first person shooter Battlefield 3.

After killing an opponent the player will lie down next to the corpse of their victim in prone position and change from their side arm to their main weapon creating the sexy man pose.
The gesture produced by sexy man pose resembles that of a reclining catalogue model and can appear to be strangely homoerotic. A whole squad can work the pose arranging themselves around the victim to “…spread out like a bunch of man candy.”
by ZbrushCentral November 5, 2013
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The type of guy that one can only see in movies. "The Perfect Man" Likes puppies and long walks on the beach
"I just need to find you a big sexy man"
by Molls the Beast June 5, 2017
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This is a man, young or old, that is so sexy you would love to lick his skin off!
Your are watchin' the epic show, "Make It or Break It" and all of a sudden you scream out, "Nico Tortorella is a Sexy Man Jenkins!" Mhm!
by TSL44 April 12, 2011
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A Man that is sexy (to both man and woman) regardless of situation or age
Al Pacino Is a Sexy Man Beast, I would Thrash that.
by ДRCHIMEDE§ March 29, 2010
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An old hairy man that wears a diaper and goes around saying "Daddy", "Mommy" or anything of that sort.
"Mmph, you sexy man baby, get out of my house."
by Not The Real Guy March 25, 2017
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