A Xenophobe is simply someone who hates foreigners. Usually an Alf Garnet Type.
I'm NOT a xenophobe, I just can't stand Fucking foreigners!
by A Garnet February 23, 2005
n.,adj. people who believe that their pristine environment/homeland is closed to anyone but themselves, or people who came before
People move to Montana to escape "urbania", and a xenophobe there would criticize those who later do the same.

by fourofspades October 2, 2003
Afraid of everything. Gays,Bisexual, the dark, animals, different races,and monsters are included
(Insert Name) is xenophobic, therefore he/she lives alone in his/her own sealed bubble.
a really nifty arcade game in the 80s where you fight aliens,was later released for the nintendo system
wow i totally blasted that alien in xenophobe
by Horf May 9, 2004
a bunch of pussys who cant bloody take a joke. stupid people who are rude . about other cultures and cant bloody take a joke because they made chicken curry is burning there plastic surgery. mainly found leaving whatsapp chats and going on her husbands phone and writing about it.
someone - "no your not racially profiling or being xenophobic at all"
"very funny I know "
by saucy_sexy_curry_muncher November 4, 2019