An individual who always points out qualities present in other individuals that aren't actually there, but hypothetically possible because they want to have said qualities and are projecting it on other individuals.
"Louispills66 is being a projector again"
by Ryooba April 27, 2021
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(v) the thing that shines and puts pretty pictures on your wall. commonly used for computers, presentations, and in the civil world movies. the one you thought time and time again to steal from your school but never did because you were too scared even though it was really cool.
man 1 - did you get the projector!?

man 2 - hell yea man, Mr. banker will never know!
by xcoldbloodfest October 20, 2008
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a person who's a hug fan of Levi Mitchell, Brandon Pulido, Mathias Anderle, and Nick Dean or The BoyBand Project
Those girls are projectors.
by ForeverAProjector December 4, 2013
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Individuals with an issues often projects them toward others
Can also be used by the projector when criticisim heads his way (denial). Used in mostly good humour.
in response to an acusation or suggestion you would say, "arrh Hector the Projector"
by M April 9, 2005
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“Yo John I heard you were installing a projector last night , how’s your asshole feeling?”
by Ihaveligmaandilikedick March 8, 2019
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Use a video camera to tape yourself while having sex. Hook the video camera up to a small projector hidden in your closet, but don't tell your partner. While on top, turn the projector on so that you can see the video on the wall above the headboard. Your partner who is on bottom wont be able to see it because they are looking at the ceiling. This way you can watch your own porn as your making it.
He didn't start out so good but kept getting better. Turns out he was using the "hidden projector" and was able to critique himself as he went.
porn homemade sex hidden projector on top
by Rave Ortega February 8, 2010
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