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P.K.E. Meter or P.K. meter is a Prop. used in every Ghostbusters Movies , series ans comics .

Basically the P.K.E. meters are used to detect ghost by pointing to their general directions or to calculate the intensity of paranormal activity like slime presence .

P.K.E. stands for Para Kinesis Energy or Para Kinetic Energy .

the p.k.e meter is upstaged by the more powerfull Giga-meter seen in Ghostbusters II .
According to the P.K.E. meter there is a class 3 full thorso apparition .
by P.A. 037 February 06, 2010
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Containment unit is the main ghost incarceration system used by the ghostbusters in any Movies , series and comics .

The containment unit is where the ghostbusters empties their ghost traps , releassing the ghosts in their new habitat , the (other dimention) as seen in the animated serie several times .

The containment unit needs a constant source of energy to keep the ghosts in the other dimention , sometimes the containment unit also called containment tank in the Extreme ghostbusters animated , tends to leak a ghost or negative energy from time to time .

The containment unit is located in the ghostbusters H.Q. firehouse basement .
Once the ghost is trapped , you need to empty the trap in the containment unit in order to reuse the ghost trap .
by P.A. 037 February 06, 2010
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Classic horror arcade video game of 1986.
Made by Exidy .
It is a game played with a light shotgun .

The game itself is divided in 4 levels : the torture chamber , the hall , a second torture chamber and finally the cemetary .

every time you complete one of the level by finding all the secret items before the time ends , you will be rewarded a slot machine bonus and if you finish all four levels finding all the secret items , you are awarded a shoot em up bonus rouds worth a lot of points .

This game is a real sadic one ,, not onlly you must destroy paranormal entities like zombies , ghosts , rats and bats and such but also you have to eliminate what seems to be innocent persons as well .

The game itself is well made and has terrific sounds but its amazing that it got distributed without trouble or censorship .

This game spawned a bootleg remake for the ever so popular Nintendo entertainment system (NES) 8 bit console .
For a quarter you can play the game Chiller .

They made a bootleg version of chiller for the NES 8 Bit .
by P.A. 037 February 05, 2010
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To bite a smurf implies having a bad trip after eating a Magic mushroom .
I musta Bite a smurf , i got sick using magic mush .
by P.A. 037 February 07, 2010
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Born 1452 in florence (april 15th).

Famous painter and inventor and scientist , he made many famous paintings including the world famous Mona lisa also known as the La Gioconda , also The last supper .

He also created plans for incredible machines that took centuries for mankind to finally achieve , like the : helicopter , submarine and steam cannons and more , unfortunately many of his inventions where not practical .

Leonardo was more a sketcher than a painter , making famous sketches of inventions he thought , many sketches of paintings he wanted to do and of course , after studying many human corpses ( as was allowed for scholars at the time .) made many drawings of human anathomy .

Over all , Leonardo Davinci was a genius well known around the world .
Leonardo Davinci was , painter ,scholar and scientist of the 15th century .
by P.A. 037 February 08, 2010
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Ghost are to some the product of your imagination and to other an entity that was alive at one point but didn't cross to the other side when they died .

Tought to be the spirits of the dead and some other malign forces that plays tricks on humans or sometimes convey messages to mediums from the other side of the grave .

Some of them wanting to finish an unfinished buisness when they where alive .

Some ghosts are tought to act for different purposes as :
Breaking objects or flickering lights , those are called poltergheist .
Conveing messages , those are called apparitions and sometimes E.V.P..
Some wnats to show their presences , those are sometimes called shadow ghosts , sometimes , orbs , apparitions .

Ghost are known in many cultures , bearing different names .
Sometimes called poltergheist , ghost , spook , phantom , specter , wraith ,apparition , cul-de-jatte , banshee , kyonchi , spirit , phantasm , possesor and such
A ghost is immaterial .

There are many kind of ghosts .
by P.A. 037 February 05, 2010
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A fictional group of paranormal investigators expert in removal of entities started in 1984 . The team is composed of Peter Venkman , Egon Spengler , Ray Stanz and later the addition of Winston Zeddemore not to forget their pet ghost Slimer and secretary Jeanine Melnitz .

Their adventures can be seen but not limited to :Ghostbusters , Ghostbusters 2 , The real ghostbusters also known as Slimer and the real Ghostbusters animated serie , The real Ghostbusters comic books and magazines and also a panoply of arcade and video games for PC and home video game systems .

Their equipments are mainly : Proton pack , Ghost traps , P.K.E. Meter .

Their vehicles of choise is the famous ectomobile called theEcto 1 the renamed Ecto1 a for the second installment of their movie Ghostbusters II .

Also those vehicles can be seen in their adventures : ecto 2 also known as the ecto-copter , ecto 3 either a mono-motorcycle with side car , ecto bomber and in the comic vertion , the ecto 4 and finally the ecto 8 thug boat .

Not only the Ghostbusters bust ghosts but all kind of paranormal phenomenon like Demons , holiday ghosts , spirits of all sorts.
Who you gonna call ? Ghostbusters .

Ghostbusters , paranormal investigators .
by P.A. 037 February 06, 2010
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