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Acronym for Extinction Rebellion, grassroots movement demanding urgent action regarding climate change via non-violent direct action.
by rutchig January 14, 2019
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Stands for Extended Release (referring to pills.)

The extended release mechanism can either be from the pill construction (Adderall XR) or a slowed chemical reaction (Vyvanse.)
Now you're gonna wanna take that xr early in the morning or else you're gonna be up all night man.
by addyAddict April 08, 2009
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1. Inescapable bad luck, or someone/something who brings about misfortune.

2. Initials for Xiang-Rui, which in ancient China means the evilest creature in the universe or its special ability to bring about enigmatical misfortune that can never be shunned from. Today, the Chinese usually refer to it indirectly as XR or something like "you-know-who", so as to escape the bad luck.
1. --"Martin, last night after you called me, the electricity of the whole building suddenly broke down and I got stuck in the elevator, with my boss."
--"Errrrrr, that old lech? Anvaya, you must be XR-ed!"

2."My cousin Mali is for sure the last living XR, if not a terrorist. Whenever he goes shopping, the poor mall will be on fire."
by Serena Ye October 15, 2006
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