abbreviation of lecher. Generally used as an exclamation or an insult.
"You're such a lech!" (said to a young man who is trying to look up one's skirt)
by Shelly Webster January 24, 2005
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when someone is obviously perving on someone else
"that guy was totally leching on me...what a sleaze!"
by starry February 14, 2005
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(At Don Lupe's Stored doing some albures)
Don Lupe: eh wey saca la leche del refri
Chubby: Ah chingao saquela usted a ver
by arielrock May 16, 2010
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it means milk in spanish u retard...
thats right..MILK...not sperm...quiero ir leche
by sweet seduction in a magazine November 28, 2005
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spanish for jizm, semen, sperm, nut
damn nigga u a find 4 da leche huh u buga(fag)
by victor ( big daddy vic) December 14, 2004
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shit in chammoro!
leche! dude, calm down! your gonna kill someone.
by Park January 25, 2004
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To shame new mothers who do not or cannot breastfeed their children by suggesting they are irresponsible or are in some way endangering the health of their child.

A verbification of La Leche League International (LLLI), a prominent breastfeeding advocacy group.
April was leched by her parenting coach when she admitted she had no intention of breastfeeding her baby.

My mother in law is leching me into continuing breastfeeding, even though it's painful and difficult.
by jkament October 20, 2008
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