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a term used for french kiss in many parts of dublin, ireland.
can often be heard when one guy might ask a girl to meet his friend...
shift is a similar word to be heard in rural ireland.
as score is to be heard from the posher of the lrish.
but an old fashioned would you let my friend stick his tounge in your gob seems to do the trick in all parts!
"eh, will ya meet me mate?(pointing action to random guy in crowd of swaring guys around a group girls or sometimes girl on her own)?"
by joe July 16, 2004
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lil mad is like big mad but the opposite, you mad but not mad to the extent of pullin somthin
"look im sorry i ate your food"
"is cool im just lil mad"
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A word used commonly in a lot of part's of Ireland and certain part's of England.
Mean's french kiss/tongue/make-out ,
very common at teenage disco's , generally very casual, just because you meet someone doesn't mean you're in a relationship with them.
Met- Past tense of meet , already happened. 'Yeah , I met him last night'
Meet- 'Omg, you really gonna meet him?!'
On the meet- The time from when you agreed to meet them to the time when you actually do , during that period of time you're 'on the meet' with them, 'I'm on the meet with Adam.. '
by JedwardFanxo January 26, 2011
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Used in Dublin, meet is to french kiss someone. People usually meet while in a relationship or in a disco. Most teenagers at discos might meet their friends or people they don't know. After the meet they would usually just walk away and not make any verbal contact with the person they meet if they did not know them.
Boy: "do you wanna meet my friend? *points to boy*
Girl: "Ok?"
by ilovemefella December 05, 2010
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mostly used in liverpool and ireland, meet is to kiss but also use the tounge like a snog or a french kis .....
hey charlotte cum an meet me round da corner
by kidda-lad-47 April 10, 2009
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To open mouth kiss someone for over 10 seconds,usually used In Dublin
So,any meets
by Dublin slang May 13, 2011
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