Meet is the most honest and sharing person you will ever get !!
Eg : You can't get a better friend than Meet .
by Raunak March 16, 2019
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a term used for french kiss in many parts of dublin, ireland.
can often be heard when one guy might ask a girl to meet his friend...
shift is a similar word to be heard in rural ireland.
as score is to be heard from the posher of the lrish.
but an old fashioned would you let my friend stick his tounge in your gob seems to do the trick in all parts!
"eh, will ya meet me mate?(pointing action to random guy in crowd of swaring guys around a group girls or sometimes girl on her own)?"
by joe July 17, 2004
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To open mouth kiss someone for over 10 seconds,usually used In Dublin
So,any meets
by Dublin slang May 13, 2011
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To give someone a french-kiss.
Johnny Met Sheila.
(In Past Tense Meet is Met)
by Theresa Mackintyre July 12, 2003
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Usually used in Ireland(Haven't heard it used anywhere else) It means to french kiss,snog or anything else, If you where a female, you could get fingered if you arranged to 'Meet' someone, its not vertified. ;)
''Hey, will you meet my friend?'' *points at friend*
by Tipperary_Man May 22, 2005
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1) To French Kiss.

Usually used in Dublin or other parts of Ireland

See make out
Ughh! I can't believe you met Aaron!
by Travis Bickle September 6, 2003
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A word in Ireland. It is another word for a snog or make-out. The usual "meet" lasts around 30 secounds or more. A person who has not "met" anyone before is called a frigit.
Will you meet me.
Will you meet my friend.
by adrunkirshfella July 9, 2010
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